Queen Victoria's Captures

         I got a short break to the sea with my family about a week ago. It was very wonderful as I have a full rest, sleep and eat! I also got some new inspirations while I was laying down closed by the sea shore. I saw some tiny birds walking closed to me and maybe they needed me to feed them some food. I slowly closed my eyes and felt asleep. Suddenly, my eyes opened and the fascinating trip from the sea has gone as I came back home and saw a big pile of letters and stuffs sending from my friends and customers. I realized at that moment that it was time to work again!!! 
         The first day back to my hometown was to rush to the main factory to do the final fire for the Queen Victoria. This morning I just went to pick them up and I slowly tried to put the wig and the crown on her head. What do you think? For me, I love it so much. Especially, the neck collar decorated with the lace, tinsels, some tiny beads, and diamonds made me get so happy. It is so elegant and truly beautiful.

Victoria's Head Caption
         From the picture above, the red wig is decorated with tiny synthetic pearls, pinching with the silver pins to hold the position of them. The center part is decorated with the real silver string and attached the water drop pedant. I thought it was so luxurious to put it on this way (at the forehead) because it was perfectly fit with the Swarovski earrings. 
         And when I put the collar on the completed costume, it really made me think of the 16th century costume, so royal and imposing. 

Victoria's (almost) Complete Costume

         And this is a good news. From the beginning that I started making doll project, making the card of authenticity with serial numbers, and also the thank you card caused me some problems because the postcard company did not give me a clear detail of the paper used for making cards. As a result,I was so upset a bit because those hundred cards  I got hundred were disqualified enough. 

         A trip to the sea gave me a chance to visit to a shop in the big mall, Martha Stewart, and I found some tools that I can use to modify my cards now. I spent time 4 hours to choose and pick some tools that I thought they would be useful for my works, and they really worked!!!

" My Lovely Card "
         This is not a postcard from heaven or an invitation card from the Queen. But it's a card, "Authenticity Card" as well as the "Thank You" handmade card that are made from my heart:-)

 a: on the left; if the owner is a female,the picture of a woman will appear after the cover.
 b: in the middle is the crown, a paper that is cut from the previous card, that this gives a shadow when the light shines through.
 c: on the right; if the owner is a male, the picture of a man will appear after the cover.

          Yes, things go so slowly and all the problems need fixing gradually. Please do not get bored to wait for the Queen Victoria in complete:-) Thank you very much for visiting. 


  1. Queen Victoria will be worth the wait. With every picture, my heart beats faster. She looks ruly magnificent!

    Words can't describe how wonderful your art is.

  2. I'm still fighting! I play lottery three times a week, hoping to win and be able to buy one! :D

    She is beautiful beyond words! AMAZING!!! <3