Lord Phaedron's Diorama

         I put the male doll off for a few hours, and spending sometimes with the diorama for the Pahedron. It’s the Black castle that I intended to create. Now my visual becomes more real since I started doing it. Day by day, things go so slowly. But the results are always good enough to make me smile. So this is the sketch that I try to make it in the right size for the doll.
The Diorma Skecth
         It’s a long corridor with the black marble floor. There are 3 large Gothic windows along the hall. (120cm x 90cm) I prepare some acrylic glass paint to make the some mosaic colors on windows. The window itself consists of 2 layers. And this is how it look roughly. 
 Woods are cut 2 layers so we can see the depth.
One of the 4 Gothic windows
         Out side of the window, I prepare the other paper scene to give it more dimensions when I take some photographs. It’s a picture of the sea shore with clouds.
I need to print it out in a very huge scale:-0
         Also, I need some tiny blossoms outside the windows, too. This is how I worked with it until it’s done.

I may need to make it more...

         I know it’s a kind of late to update the blog. Things are very  carefully planned because I want to make everything best. Sorry that I didn’t post the pictures in color because I want everything to get done and we can see it all together. Thank You very much/Nune

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