A Chinese's Fairy Tale

      The story of a supernatural beautiful snake that transforms into a beautiful maiden who marries an unsuspecting mortal. This inspired from a Tale Chinese Opera; “The Lady White Snake"

          I remember when I was young when my mum took me to the market closed to my home to see a play, Chinese Opera. I asked my mum during the way we walked along on the street “what the story was about?” She explained that the performance on the stage would talk about a girl who previously a snake and then transformed in to human form. Her name is Lady White (White snake) and she’s got a friend, Green snake. She falls in to love with a young man, Xu Xian and they do agree to get married. Unfortunately, they do not live happily ever after because of the meddling of a monk who considers Lady White a demon and tries to convince Xu Xian of that fact. The monk separates them and then imprisons her under a pagoda by West Lake…there she waits someone to free her soul out form the great pain suffering…At the time, I didn't understand that much.
          Until I grew up, I saw this story in many versions sometimes from the movies. I really like it when Lady White and her fellow, Green snake trying so hard to struggle over the centuries to become strong enough to fight and be free. This reminds me the traditional female role in the past that women couldn’t do and say what they really wanted to. (ex., the arranged marriage) As a result, this could bring a real tragic and miserable to their livings.  I think Lady White is not someone who will passively stand by and watch things happen without doing something. This could probably a great new role for the women nowadays.
          Last night, after finished packing the dolls (which it took 3-4 hours), I started making a rough contour drawing. It is something from my imagination about the story. It’s a Chinese Opera girl with the headpiece for the stage performance. I love to see the headpiece decorated with flowers like shocking pink roses, Chrysanthemums, pink peach flowers and with pearls, jades, and some kind of the colorful gemstones. The pictures in my mind may turn out to be something sweet, colorful for the enjoyment of happiness of the Lady White in my peaceful vision.

             (This is Chiang Mai Sakura in my hometown. I think the color Pink and Light blue are a good cobination sense of  warmth, gentle, and sweet moment.) Credit Pitures: MC Blog Gang.


  1. Looks amazing :) I am so excited Nune :) HUGS


  2. Please kindly waiting to see its sculpt on the FB in a few days. Thank you Freddy :)