Lady White Costume...

            While the doll making is on the porcelain slip process, the dress in Chinese Opera style has begun. I really feel comfortable to see the golden metallic thread and the sequins  are combined nicely on the blue Chinese shantung.  The graphic that I can find is comprised of the phoenix and dragon. Actually, it probably should be something that is related to the snake according to the theme. However, it seems acceptable to use this fabric with these picture graphics as these give me a sense of Chinese Traditional costume. For the skirt, the golden, silver, and red Chinese tinsels with several tiny beads are added to the long blue skirt to make it look more oriental,and a snake skin pattern. Also, the Lady white has got a long white stole that symbolizes when she’s a demon. The stole is embroidery made with many many tiny tinsels in light pink, purple, and white chrysanthemums. At the end of the stole is  embroidered with the pearls  to make it more beautiful as a nice decoration into Chinese style. This very well patterned stitches make me feel that the costume is very astonishing and lovely to my Lady White Snake. 
 (Stille the chiffon is needed, umm blue or pink?)
            For the main decoration flower on the headpiece, which is made of the brace with many tiny gemstones, is the pink chrysanthemum. I really tried so hard to find the best material to make this flower. Luckily, I have found a technique to make it. It is really difficult to do this small flower, as it’s very complicated with the size and step. But it’s worth to do so as the fabric flowers have the endured shape and they look very soft, lovely, and gentle when they are decorated on the metallic stuff. I added more tiny flowers like roses,and other colorful flowers that fit to the head piece.
(a fabric flower, chrysanthemum)

(some tiny clay flowers)
                 All works are never done. This sentence is really true. I always have another and another things waiting for. It's time to go to bed tonight. More to review so soon... Ahh a drawing of male making project that I'm gonna start at the end of September, my half Asian-Europian male doll. Let's see it soon. Night Night to everyone here :)
 ( I think a quailty of drawing reprents an outcome of the sclputing fiqure.This may not a 100% true. It's just from what I have experienced.)

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