The Journey Has Begun...

         Tonight is the night that I cannot sleep.This usually happens when I’m alone in my bedroom and having nothing to do. So, I think tonight, it’s the time that I should start writing the doll-making journey of my own. Normally, I keep updating my doll through the Face book fan page.  But it seems that the comments run very fast and everyone keeps using it so as to update his or her daily action. Finally, it’s forgotten.  A good way to keep the update still and make it more last is to post the journal on a blog. Now I’m currently working on the 1st doll production that I have been preparing this project for 6 months. The inspiration is from the movie, Moulin Rouge. This movie is about Love, Truth, Beauty, and Freedom. My deep feeling is really in with the movie when I first saw it on the cinema in 2001. Once when I saw the movie’s trailer, I was expecting to be amazed with the costumes and scenery, in awe of the singing, and enthralled in the story. Incredibly, Moulin Rouge gave me an unreachable expectations. I really like the plot  about Satine, the "Sparkling Diamond by Nicole K. acted as a courtesan (high priced long-term call girl, or kept mistress) who falls for a penniless writer, Ewan Mc.(as Christian) Meanwhile, she's being auctioned off to a clueless Duke who is to finance the failing Moulin nightclub. This movie? A powerful romance ensues, despite hazardous perils.
         After the movie’s curtains fell down, I told myself that I’d do something about this movie as it really gives me a very big inspiration of Love. Until today, my doll making almost be so true, therefore, I decided to bring back my huge impression about this beautiful movie into something that is touchable. I picked up a scene when Satine entered on the stage and made a rehearsal  “Come What May”, hiding the love secret from the Duke to her lover. The red costume is very remarkable with the Indian head piece. So I redesigned the whole picture, but still kept the sense of this movie scene into the doll making. Previously, I did many doll heads sculpt, and one of them is specially made for this movie is “Sahara” Unfortunately, this head isn’t used as it lacked of the some beauties in my imagination. So I decided to use another head mold and started painting on it. I didn’t expect that the doll would look exactly the same to Nicole K. But the most important thing is the doll should represent depth, charisma and poignant portrayal. Now the doll is on the working project. I just do 5 dolls for this project.
         To paint 5 dolls that must share the likeness, same feeling and emotion is very challenging. I was very worried that I would be able to do that or not. Until today, it’s proven that the dolls go to the same direction to express the feeling. I feel relived and better now. It’s getting late for tonight. The kiln is now working and waiting for me tomorrow to be opened. I wish everything will be so fine….I do hope.

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