My feelings with the numbers...

     After several hours that I've been very busy and working with the doll making processes, I felt very very tired as I didn't know that it's been 5 days that I poisoned myself in the tiny working studio with the 5 head pieces of the doll heads. Surprisingly, the more I work with them, the more I get happy with the satisfied result and techniques I have found. It's a truly enhanced moment that you could accomplish and explore more new things to find. Yet, there are something are waiting and it's really such a challenging thing that needed a right solution.
     Sometimes, it’s like a tedious thing that resounds in my head that I’d have to re-do and fix all the problems over and over again, whereas: it sometimes can’t get me wait for the next day to keep the work on with a perfect way. I work with these dolls as a robot, a powerful robot mechanism that has a fully strong intentione of heart. This makes me work and forget the running time. I always carefully compare a doll piece by piece to the original one and slowly look at the to all the details that they are similar to each other or not. I just showed the doll on the 4th firing to my friend and he said wow that they all look the same!  Why do I need to do 5 dolls? Maybe it’s a long plan that I would do 5 dolls per month. I finally found myself that I am sort of a person who gets bored very easily and always looking for something new to do. I really didn’t expecte that I would be able to do the same pieces of doll painting over and over again. 

     Every night, there are many projects pop out in my head that I sometimes write them down. I used to dream that I would do things from my mind about each project with a numbers that are possibly available to many people who’d love my creations.  Now I totally understand that the “Hand Made” means something that you need to do it with hands and HEART. This expresses a truly craftsmanship piece of work. At this point, I think I will not stress myself with the number any longer. If I need to produce a very delicate masterpiece of doll, I must spend more time on each particular of them by the feeling and time available. Maybe just 3 dolls or one….this depends,……… 
(The doll in the pictures is not completely finished. Just a half way to go on....)


  1. Hey Nune!
    Your dolls are fantastic, you have come a long way! I had recently remarked how beautiful your painting is when I saw your doll on facebook. Now I've seen your site and this blog and wow!

  2. Hi,Crytal :)
    Thank you very much Crystal. I'm really glad to know that you have followed my work for a while. That's really sweet.I promise to make the good things for everyone here to see. Best and Hugs/Nune

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