"Bai-Suzhen(白素贞)",My True Lady

               Hello, my friends here. Now the second costume, The Lady White Snake is now completely done. (Actually, I have an intention to add more details on the blue and pink chiffon with the laces and tinsels. But I really have no time to finish the whole thing(a hundred things to do!!!) So I would add them up for my personal collection in the future) It such a co-incident that the lady white costume collection is on the movie re made by Jet Lee.,2011, The Sorcerer and The White Snake. You may follow the official trailer by here
               And this movie will be on the theatre on the 6th of October. Surprisingly, I have just seen this movie trailer this morning with an excited feeling that what the costume would be in the movie. I can see that the Lady White gets dresses in total white and red costume: while mine is blue and pink. Here is the picture of my costume. What do you think about it?
     ( A completed costume with the head piece on the doll is something very magnificent!)
               This costume really impressed me very very very much. The real one is something that truly amazing. I accept that I cannot put it down whin it's completed. Its colors reminds me of the picture of blue sky and pink blossom flowers(as to previous picture about Chiang Mai Sakura that I posted in the previous post) This costume is very sweet and it incredibly provokes a romantic sense when The Lady White snake transformed into the human form to make Xu-Xian fall in love with her for the first glance. She really looks like an angel from the heaven with the magical colors of the costume with the high detail decoration and charming face.  I also make the necklace with the Chinese stone and purple pearls to make her look beautiful. And this is the picture of her shoes in the traditional Chinese style. It really fits with the dress!
                (I should make a strap to make the shoes tight with the doll feet)
               Now I’m on the painting process that would probably finish by Monday evening. Once when everything is done, you will meet The Immortal Classique; The Lady White Snake. Her name is ” Bai Suzhen(白素贞)” 
.......and now the male doll is being started!!!......c u soon, Thank you :)

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