Being Assembled...

               Since the Chinese Opera head piece is completely done, the only one thing left is to find the right materials for the head decoration.  To decorate it, the materials are divided into groups: tiny beads with the gemstone, and the flowers.  According to the Chinese Opera head costume pattern, it mainly comprised of the big pearls, colorful velvet balls like pink ,red or blue, and some tiny beads. Some furs are used as a part of the decoration, too.  My lady white head piece is mailnly made off the brace, so I think the tiny flowers take a good part to make it look more soft and cute for the doll. I carefully pick the flowers that fit the costume colors which are blue, pink and white. (You may get curious why the Lady White doesn’t have a total white costume from tip to toe.  On the play, it may not be 100% that the costume must be accurate. It’s flexible, depending on the decision and the intention of each group band. ) I chose the scene from what I remembered and my imagination when the Lady White transformed into beautiful woman and firstly met Xu Xian (her lover).  It could be something  so called “dreamy traditional” when two people first me and then falling in love, everything surrounded by themselves look so romantic and truly beautiful. That’s why the costume’s colors look so bright and sweet…like the blossoms in the Spring.

 (The Chinese Opera Head Piece is being assembled)
               Here is the front look of the Chinese Head crown. I like almost all of the decoration of it, yet the middle rose at her forehead. If I can find the right materials that could probably be something that really compatible with the head, I may change it.  This head is not completely finished as there are something left to do for the final decision of what to do for the great outcome. Sometimes, to check the work with the eyes is not the final. I think I need to check it with the camera that how does it look when it’s on the camera. This small technique does help a lot when I will move on for another plan. My friend asked me why did I need to put many flowers on the head and they just almost recovered the whole thing! Yes, I can use something very cheap and easy to find like paper marché,or cardboard with silver and gold paper. But at this point, I cannot lie my royal feeling…may be I’m a very perfect in my own way. 

               My friends, my brother, my mum, and many people said that I am Mr. Perfect.  Umm this is may be truly true. I am a person who always set an aim in a very high level and trying so hard to reach to the point. It could be something so called struggling, high ambition, or else. But for me, I define it myself as “The Strong Devotion from the Heart” Everything I do, it should be the reasonable, critical, and acceptable from other people’s opinions. I didn’t try to push myself to the perfectionism, but I rather to be very happy when I receive a positive comments about my work and at the same time listen to what people give me a critic that will help and improve my work quality. That’s why I started my project at the year of 2007 and kept modified just a doll proto type for 3-4 years, en counting errors and trails in countless times.  It’s now 2011. My male doll is going to be start in 20 days. (Hopefully, from what I learnt in the pass would help me to shorten the time of making a male doll….. sigh)
Next,..I'll come back with the update for the doll itself...Goodnight my lovely friends here.

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