A Collaborative Art Work with "Cholo",a Talented Artist!

               In this tiny little world, there are so many times that those miracles happen to your life without knowing of any reasons why? Is it an accident, something so called unexpected event, or a destiny by the fate? No one knows these clearly. Almost 2 years ago, I have been following an artist who is working with many dolls by designing a very rich and stunning costumes and jewelry sets for the dolls. Many people know him as Cholo, a really famous and talented doll artist who currently lives and working in Philippines. I used to have a wish that I would be able to work with him as a collaborative work one day about our doll creations. I didn’t expect this would come true until a very nice friend who lives in Hong Kong named Cliff, has recommended Cholo to me! I couldn’t believe that this would be so true as I do really admire his works! You may follow his link by click
(This is rough pencil sketch that I designed the costumes and sent it to Cholo to ask the possibility of how the jewelry sets should be. I can’t wait to see the complete sets now.)
               From the picture design, I left the space that Cholo will add the headpiece, earrings, and necklace on the costume. We just agreed that t the accessories should be something shiny and looks rich enough to make the doll looks grace. Now I only have to let him get an inspiration to do on this project that what style would be best on this costume design.  
              That’s really such an exciting feeling to work with a friend who lives aboard and has a very high imaginative vision on creating something absolutely beautiful. This could be something very worth to wait and see that I should call this work as “ Cholo Classique” ( A very friendly collaborative working on a project with the Immortal Classique) That’s very honorable for me that once (and in the future) we make something "Spectacular" to the doll lovers here:) 
Good Night to you all here :)

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