Playing with Bai-Suzhen.

       Last night, I went watching a movie, The Lady White Snake by Jet Lee 2011. My friend said that it was such a wonderful thing to see that my doll looks like The Lady White from the movie! I thought, yes I did agree that. Not 100% looks like the actress, but I could feel something very closed and similar in some senses that this doll really reminds the girl in the movie. Also, I didn’t expect that it would be the same day that this movie is in the theater and I started letting her find a new home. I could say that this latest version is very impressive for my feeling a lot, as the plot and the music are very beautiful and touching the emotion. Personally, I do love many OST. I keep listening the song “Promise” for many times after the movie until now. (how shy). Now I feel more comfortable than a couple weeks ago since I really worked very hard for this. Today, I just picked up some wigs to try to see how would my Lady White look like in a different wig styles. I can feel that she’s cute with the black hair, any styles. This is something special for me to play with this doll. The last picture is another Lady White that sits closed to each other, so I took a photograph of them two. Please enjoy. Thank you for watching :)

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