Picture Files from Cholo!So Excited!

               I got a letter in the late afternoon from Cholo with the  attached files of his work design. I was so excited while the files attached are uploaded slowly bit by bit. I’m very sure that you may need to see what’s it like. So, here we go:)
               I’m so happy to see the pictures he sent to me! The more I see, the more the headpiece he designs fascinates me. I’m so thankful for his imaginative thinking on the collaborative work as a good friends.I asked Cholo to design the head piece and jewelry with red and white because the costume mainly consists of the red and white color. It could be an Empire style, or a Dracula’s Legend! Who knows? Let’s close up to the headpiece details!
               This is very sweet, extremely sweet and elegant for the look of a girl who is sending to the Count Dracula for being his bride in the dark velvet night. The headpiece is combined with the very white features and tiny beads and pearls. It looks so shiny and classic. I know this is not very easy to do at all! It needs a lot of patience to combine things and make a right composition and balance on the headpiece! One thing that I really love with this headpiece is that it goes very well with the curvy white long mohair. (I use the DeltaDawn Mohair with this collection because this mohair is truly beautiful indeed, well known and accepted by the doll makers! Yes, it’s very costly but very worth to use with my creation as I work everything for the best outcome.) It also looks mysterious with the white pale skin doll, and red lips. I get so excited to work more on this doll.
              In the meanwhile, the red hood with thousands of red beads (actually there are many combination of the beads and gemstone colors, but overall it’s the red tone color) is on the making process, the long white gown in the twin peacocks is being sewed and shaped on the white chiffon. The white, silver, clear tinsels, different types of beads, and white features are used to decorate on the twin peacocks.I do believe that the outcome should be something very luxury, and worth to wait and see.It may not be so long to see the whole things,please stay tune. The update will keep coming up so soon. 
(I really like the twin white peacocks :)
  (A lovely picture of the nude doll that I sent to Cholo to be a model for the headpiece, necklace he's now making. The headpiece is not completely done yet. He said he needs to add and check the detail once again. Please note that the make up is painted by Cholo for the enjoyment only.)
I hope you will enjoy the work!  Thank you for watching:) Good Night everyone.
Credit Pictures: A special thank you to Cholo for his updated pictures.

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