My Wishing Project...

            While I was studying in college, I bought a book, “Pierre et Gilles”, a couple French artists who are really popular in making magical pictures, set of costumes and scenery. They create fantastic worlds with photography technique and unique hand-painted photographic portraits that really perform beauty, fantasy, enigma, and quality of works. Their works give me many inspiration as I remember what I have seen from the book since I was a teen and I said wow to myself that I would do something with the big inspiration like this oneday.

(an artwork picture of "Kali" by Pierre et Gilles) 
          From the picture, it's Kali, a Hindu Goddess. Kali is considered the fearful and ferocious form of the mother goddess. She assumed the form of a powerful goddess and became popular with the composition of the Devi Mahatmya. I really like the story about Kali.Her character is very strong and powerful with her look of the bright skin color.She really looks very fantastic and beautiful with the golden costume.You may know more about Kali by clicking here.

           Now, it's my research to find the method to achieve my porcelain doll in the fantasy skin colors. It can be pink, light blue, grey, or purple. I think to use the colorful spray colors coat on the doll is not a good idea. It should be something that permanant and last. My dream could be just a dream or real in oneday,..who knows. This project is really challenging :) I only wish it will be so true....
Have a Happy Halloween to everyone again!

PS; I have consulted with an expert about doll skin color in porcelain, and he said yes, it can be happening! My heart is so excited with the answer.


  1. Fantastic idea.

    Greyish lavender can be nice skin colors since its color tone can be changed according to light from more blue in the morning, pinkish shade in the evening and completely grey under incandescent light. Saying all this because I used to have a living room this color and love it so much since I moved from that apartment.

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