An Another Night Comes...

         I got so excited today as the FedEx brought me a very good news (actually a package from Cholo ;) in the late afternoon. I carefully opened up the package and checked things out whether they are fine. The features at the headpieces are not scratched or damaged during the shipping. Thank you God that they come to me safely. The moment I saw the real headpiece and the necklace, I cried out that they are much more beautiful than the pictures. The sparkling from the beads and crystals he made reflect my eyes and I suddenly just tried them on the doll. The costume, that it normally looks great by its own decoration and style, becomes more gracious and beautiful. I got so amazed to see the whole thing for a big while. I smiled to myself and Thank You to God that I always meet nice people and friends who are always besides to help me. I didn’t want to go out to the gym or start any works in the eveing, but just need looking at the doll for so long. I took many pictures and here are some that I would like to share to you now. 
         The white color of the features goes along very well with the long red hood from different ankles by the camera. It reminds me of some mythical pictures, something beyond our imagination that we will never wear in the real life. The white skin of the doll itself looks very bright, especially when the light reflects on its skin. When the red hood is on, she becomes a mannequin that displays a very lively costume and the whole thing. That’s why I couldn’t take my eyes  out of it…
           At the front of the red hood, and on the both sides, there’s needlework, a golden thread that was used to make a couple of the griffons. They are pretty small but very clear by a very high-resolution camera. I hope that on the day I take the pictures, I would be able to show them clearly. The white necklace by Cholo can be applied with the white peacocks costume inside very well. I will separate the costumes, jewelry, and nude doll and then take the pictures separately on each single detail. This could be a 4-6 hours for the photographing, and I hope it will be satisfied me with the nice outcomes. 
          And this is how it looks by the back of the red hood with the beads and Swarovski,and some kinds of synthetic gems.
         Meanwhile the 3rd production dolls are now being remade, (the previous set was useless as the mistake during the firing), the doll stand is now almost finished. It’s made of the brace and decorated with 20 red and white diamonds on each side. (3 sided) I need to cover it with the velvet or some clothes that will protect the doll feet and its surface from the antifriction that can cause the unexpected scratches. 
         I got a lovely logo on the right of the stand. Each doll stand will have a different stone colors depending on the costume color of the particular theme. This set is for the Bride of the Dracula, so I think the crystals should be red and white that they will look great and fit when the doll stands on it. It’s so shiny and strong enough for the doll! 
         There are 2 things left before I will fly to Japan. The 1st thing is to paint the doll after the firing method(Ofcourse, it takes at least 5 days for this process). And the other thing is to take photographs as a piece of art that I’m working with the setting and props I have prepared. I could be the zombie again, but a happy zombie that works on what he really loves!
Thank you for following my small place here. Good Night every one :)
                                   (The Glass House Coffing is waiting for me!!!)


  1. Wonderfully made headpiece and costume! Great contents with all the details and processes!! Everything you have recorded here give your creation life before its birth!!

  2. Thank you very much to Cliff- Hong Kong :-)

  3. Oh? It reminds me "Devilman Lady".
    I prefer Cuty Honey!
    They are Japanese anime.