The Glass House Coffin.

         Normally, I always take the whole pictures myself. It’s very fun and challenging to see the doll in the photos when it’s completed. To find the settings and materials for each theme composition is what I really love to do so much, apart from making doll and paint! (But it sometimes takes away my huge money for these things). I feel that the doll will be more interesting if she has the scenery that fits her look and costumes. The proper composition with the doll will tell a good story of the whole thing and I think you may let your imagination flow with the pictures you have seen about the doll in each particular theme.

          For the Bride of the Dracula, I found a glass house one day and suddenly I got an idea that this thing can be used with my doll for this collection. It looks is a Gothic style, with the curves of the mirrors that are special made by the shape of the house. It looks beautiful and at the same time, it looks mysterious. The Bed (not sure to call it an altar) is made of the lime, also the pillars. They perfectly fit on the scale and the overall look. I thought I should need to add more details on the setting, but I changed my mind as the doll will look less dominant  if the settings are too much. I might add more dried flowers in the blue and violet tone but I’m not sure that I can find them or not.

         The bed stone looks very strong and I think I should find the lace to cover it so as to make it look softer when the doll sleeps on it. This will depend on the day of the photographing that it really looks good in the photographs or not. But at least I should be prepared for this.

        This Glass House Coffin is a setting when the girl is bitten by the Dracula. People think she might be already dead and therefore her body is kept in the glass coffin and being buried when the sun rises. Or it can be a virgin girl that is being sent to be a Bride of the Dracula! By the way, the whole things are not completely done yet. There are a few things to finish. I got really excited to see the whole things in a complete set and then start flashing my camera on the doll! 
                                      Thank you for watching :-)


  1. The Glass House Coffin looks beautiful.

  2. Thank you very much to Eiko82. So Glad to meet you here.

  3. a cool diorama could tell so many stories without words! I love glass cases...and story with mysterious elements!! Keep it coming!!

  4. Yes, you're right. Now all the things are quite ready, but the doll.I can;t wait to put the whole things and finish them all. Now I only have to wait patiently:) Thank you very much my bro!