Taking 3 Orders of Adriana in Mermaid

         After I had released 5 Adriana for sale in Human forms, there are some letters that would like to know whether I would remake and sell Adriana in Human form again. I have to say that I cannot remake Adriana in Human forms for sale / or selling Nude Adriana separately because of some reasons. (I also talk to myself that I will never make dolls in a big number anymore. Adriana, Princess of the Sea, is the final set of 5 dolls for sale. The next collection will be only 2-3 dolls for sale. This is not a really good idea, but it’s good for me as I can spend more time to put on more details to the dolls like body brushing, more sharp facial painting, more expressive fingers and feet from mold making, doll body’s assembling and everything related to the doll making. Also, I can spend more time to concentrate on the doll costumes with more high details of the accessories and jewelry that will show a good composition when they are on the doll’s body. I believe that the best effort takes time to make.)

         The purpose of this entry is to ask for those who would like to make an order/purchase Adriana in mermaid form only. It is like a continued part after the human production. The mermaid Adriana will have tan skin, long blonde fair hair, light blue eyes, nude lips, and the fish scale is metallic silver tinsel. The fish tale is a non-removable part. It fixed on the doll’s torso that it perfectly and beautifully blended with the curve of the doll’s hip. Inside the tail, I use 2 strong wires to make the tail move a bit in some directions. The upper part of her body is just like us. I mean the doll has two hands, arms, and fingers like us all. For the accessories, I plan to make a small Tierra for the mermaid, but I haven’t decided yet about the style. The main point to make an order of the mermaid is to show the beauty of the mermaid Adriana in my own style. Please note: "This order will be very good for doll collectors who really LOVE a story of the seas and those who strongly have a passion of the mermaid."
(Please click to view a large image)

         I accept 3 orders for the Adriana in mermaid form only. The Mermaid price is 1,250 USD. I will put the mermaid “on hold” until they are completely done. Once when the transfer is completed, I will start shipping the Adriana to the owner.
       If you would like to place an order or have any questions that you would like to know, please feel free write to immortalclassique@gmail.com 
Thank you very much for your time. 
Hugs to you all/Nune


  1. What a lovely offer. I'm sure it'll make your fans very happy. I hope you'll post pics of your beautiful tanned mermaids on your blog :)

    1. Yes, Now I'm starting making 2 of them. When it's done, I will show you again, Eiko82:-) Thank You very much here.