Back from the Sea,So Let's See

         I came back home after a few days to the sea. The location that I went for the photographing is located at Phuket, the biggest island in Thailand, located in the Andaman Sea of southern Thailand.  I chose “ Ya Nui Beach” as a location for my mermaid, Adriana. It took time for 2 hours to fly from my hometown to Phuket. At the beach, the sun shines so brightly; the seawater is blue and green colors. Sometimes it’s dark blue and gradually changes into light blue and light green, depending on the sunlight during each time of the day. The sand is white and soft to the feet. The sounds of the wind blow and the wave hits to the seashore make me feel very claim and become happier when I was there. The surrounding by the beach is very nice and clean indeed. I saw some fish and sea animals closed to me while I was taking photos there. Maybe,I was too happy and excited by the beauty of the beach, so I got a serious skin burned by the strong sunlight! Or maybe I work too hard and too concentrated on my workings and the ideas of how to make beautiful picture sets, so I forgot the pain during my work. I noticed it when I went back to the hotel and found out that I have 2 skin colors on my arms, face, and all over the body that were not covered by the clothes. However, the picture sets of the 1st day of the mermaid that hasn’t transformed into human were very nice and I felt satisfied with my Adriana very much.
         For this trip, I brought 3 mermaids with me for the photo shooting. One is a mermaid with her tail, the second one is Adriana in human form with a complete costume and accessories set, and the last one is a naked Adriana. So sad to say that the naked Adriana is not used for this trip as the time ran very fast and I had to work so fast as the sun light changes the direction, the level of the sea water changes by the time, and there are many tourists there.
          That’s so ashamed as the plan for the under water photographing that I have planned ahead had to be canceled. The camera shop that I phoned to and made a reservation for an under water camera said a tourist rent it and didn’t return it yet. I really wanted to scream out loud! My dreams to see my mermaid under the blue sea disappeared! I still have hope in one day that I will be back and do the under water again in the future. I never give up to try this new things. Umm, so now we just see how it’s like by the normal light and picture style.
           I put my mermaid into the sea water and sometimes that I totally put her down under the water. (I carefully work with her). There’s no need to be worried as the springs inside are the stainless steel spring that are designed to protect the water and to get reddish. However, the submerge the doll in the water is not a good idea as the leathers that protect the joints can get some damages. 
          I remember very well that the 1st day for the photo shooting was really tough as I have to learn the whole new thing with Adriana in mermaid form, as well as the environment surrounded by her. I stood and sit, sit and laid down, laid down on the hot sand, kneed down, laid down in the water, sit on the beach, soaked in the seawater! I did the whole thing until I forgot how hot it was by the sunlight…But this is the BIGGEST happiness ever since I work with the doll. It’s very worth for me. I really love my job. It’s like a miracle to see the whole thing grow slowly bit by bit until it’s done. I really admired my Adriana in mermaid as she worked so nicely and patiently with me and never complained at all. Cute!

        My second day was not working with the doll and the sea environment. But it’s about the ideas that I planned and tried to make it happen in real. I brought many props and I used them all. The most important part for this photo shoot is the antique mirror.  I chose the mirror to reflect Adriana’s dream of how it’s likes if she becomes a human even though she has no voice to speak and sing. I used some picture techniques to make the picture from my imagination to be so real in the photos. How does it like? Do you like this? I hope you will like this picture as I do :-)
         She takes a risk to follow to the dream in her heart. No matter how dangerous it is….Adriana is now becoming in a Human, a lovely Princess by the daughter of the sea. She deserves this…a beautiful affinity…Would you take a chance to pursue your own dream or for the one you love? 
                                       "My Beautiful Princess of the Sea"
         I’m so sorry for her that the white feature wig that I have prepared was lost. This is the 2nd thing that made me get so sorry about this trip. It’s not the end of the world, I still have another wigs at home. I think this was enough for us all to see. 
          The ending of the story is,.... everyone knows this ending very well. I hope I will have enough time to make a slide pictures with the sound of an OST I have in my mind. I don’t know that I will have enough time for this or not. It will take 2 days to do this. But at least tonight,…I finished the blog. It’s almost 3 a.m. now. I should go to bed. Good Night to everyone. “As long as you have a dream, make it come true.” Hugs to you all here. Thank You very much/Nune:-)


  1. I'm absolutely speechless at such beauty. Truly magnificent work.

    The photos of Adriana in her human dress and the 'mirror' photo are some of the most gorgeous photos I've ever seen. She is like a dream come true. You should be very proud of yourself.

    1. Hi to Eiko82:-)
      Thank you very much! Now I have updated the official website so that you and everyone can see the whole pictures of the Adriana's. I'm so glad that you like mermaid looking at the mirror. Thank You indeed for a big encouragement. Hugs to you Eiko82:-)

  2. Nune, I admire your work. In each doll you put your soul. It's air, water, fire - magic!!! I love your works)))
    I can only add .. i love and you as a friend, the artist, the creator
    This is a celebration of beauty and I thank you for your creativity!
    Jul777 from Russia
    Now we have in Moscow a frost of minus 20 and snow, but from your dolls warmly)))

  3. Hello to Jul777.
    Thank you very much for a lovely friendship here. I really appriciate you this:-) A part of my inspiration that makes me move on is from the comments from many people here,and including yours. You give me a beautiful inspiration to move on to another projects. I'm sorry to hear that the weather in Moscow is very cold and it's now a frost of minus 20! I wish you a better situation,Jul777. It's nice to get to know you here:-)

  4. wow Nune all your hard work really paid off, this is a fantastic photoshoot, really beautiful photos and a really beautiful doll!
    i like how passionate and committed you are to your art, really beautiful to behold! congrats!

    1. Dear Annina.
      Wow,..thank you very much for your comment. Yes, you finally could do it and I'm so happy to hear from you.I feel I can fly now since I have read your cheerful comment. Thank You again,Annina:-)

  5. This is just the most beautiful mermaid doll I've ever seen. Just wonderful. :)