Tiny Doll's Golden Stuffs

         I got a headache since this morning and I thought whether should update the blog tonight. Yes, I should as everything comes closer and closer more than a half way to my little Pocahontas. Truly, the pictures were taken 2 days ago, but I was still so busy that I almost forgot to do the blog update.  In my facebook, the Pocahontas slip is now on the soft fire green ware, a method that people usually do when they need to polish the doll in the water so as to make the seam line disappear.  It takes 2-3 days to let them dry and then put them to the final fire. I’m not so worried about the result of the doll color skin now, but it will be many days to finish her paintings. To paint a new head is like to meet a new friend. I need to learn about her characteristic, how would she look when she’s wearing the costumes and the headpiece. This is my first time that I will have to paint on the tan skinned doll. Also, I have painted several heads, the results are getting better and better. So I hope that she will show the satisfied result as I have expected. Now, let’s see what I have so far. This is the head that is now almost finished. It’s now on the coating process to make it look more shiny and sparkling. Not really shiny like a mirror, but a bit shiny and this will help to protect the golden color on her headpiece. The real headpiece on the doll is very “breath taking”. I love this head very much as it makes me feel as if I saw Sahara for the first time when she’s wearing her Indian headpiece.  Though it doesn’t have any tiny synthetic diamonds, it does have many gemstones that will be perfectly fit to her costumes. 
         To make the antler moose head stay in the right position of the doll’s head, I need to make a thin leather cap to hold and keep the headpiece more stable when I post the doll in different actions. The headpiece itself is not too heavy and it has a nice stability and good function enough, but it needs some decoration to make it more beautiful. It’s a kind of experiment that what the headpiece will look with the costume if it contains some colorful gemstones. If it doesn’t look good enough, I will have to take them out. The costumes themselves are quite heavy with many tinsels and beadings. So I have to investigate and try to see the whole things carefully.
         At her upper left arm (but in the picture I put it on the right), she has a decoration piece, a golden upper arm “bracelet”. I’m not sure what to call but it’s a very shiny metallic accessory that will looks very good, especially on the tan skinned doll.
         Lastly, it’s about her shoes. I was thinking that I should make some kinds of leather shoes with the beads. But there are beads and beads and beads everywhere so I think I just make them simple in a very high heel style that we can change and apply the shoes to another costumes. It’s a golden color. I really love them as they make the doll’s legs look more longer and beautiful like a model. I cannot wait to work on with my lovely doll. I hope you will enjoy this. Hugs to you all here.
Please note that the model in this picture isn't Pocahontas.She's a pale skinned doll.


  1. she seems to be increasingly incredible, imagine the task of carving so delicate shoes!

  2. I can't wait to see more of her :D

  3. Thank you very much for all comments here:-)