My Doll's Luxury Dress

         While the doll is on a body(ies) brushing process, I’d like to share her antler moose head that is full of the colorful beadings. Sorry that picture is quite not clear but we can see the shape and the size of the headpiece on her head.  It goes really well with the outer cape. This makes my little Pocahontas look so elegantly stunning and cute with the headpiece and the colorful cape. I decided not to have a completed dress with the headpiece as it needs some fixing a bit. But surely, we will see her done so soon enough. I got my fingers cross for the lovely outcome for her. Now I’m waiting for the tiny bird made by Jarupan that it will be sent to me so soon. Her headpiece needs a tiny bird to make it look more lively and fresh. Actually, it’s a crow. It doesn’t give a horrible sense to a lovely look for Pocahontas. Instead, it makes me feel that can live together in a harmony way of life between Human and nature. So let’s see.
          Now my life becomes like those zombies again…Not so often to be in the sunlight, but keeping indoor makes me ill more easily. Recently, the smoke that it causes a really bad pollution and some illnesses to the respiratory system to many people covers my hometown, Chiang Mai. It caused by the forest fire and some burning that the farmers prepared for the seasonal cultivation.  It’s becoming a serious augment issue that what should the government do, and also the farmers to solve the problem. For me, I got a bad cough and I have to turn on the ac so many times as it helps to circulate the air in my room. As I have to work all the time, it’s good that I didn’t have to go out so often. But staying the whole day in a confined space is sometimes boring. I need to go to the gym but I can’t, as it is the local out door gym. Sorry to babbling too much, but I think this topic is related to the environment. Let’s continue to the Pocahontas’s inner dress. Please let me call a cocktail (not really) or a short dress. The short dress is very lovely as it’s short and it looks nice on her body. I decided to choose golden and dark brown beads, as the cape and the headpiece are colorful enough. The short dress color looks plain but the golden plate and the golden arm accessory make it look more beautiful. I also make another small headpiece that is used for the short dress only. It needs a long feature like a lovely Indian on her cute look. It’s length (the short dress) is as short as Jingle Bell, a green fairy from The Peter Pan. It makes me feel that Pocahontas has to run so quick and move so silently. To make a long gown or big dress may not suitable for her to run! That’s why it’s short and turned out this way. How does it look now? I really fall in love with it.
          Now I only have to work by the schedules I have made. A completed Pocahontas comes closer and closer. The final thing is to paint her face. Umm. I should leave now and move on another working for tonight. Thank you very much for every time, every friends that visiting to my page.  Hugs to you all. 


  1. I love her antler headpiece and her short dress. It's amazing. I look forward to seeing your Pocahontas completed.

  2. Wow Nune -- This is an amazing outfit. I love the beadwork! It is such an interesting interpretation of Pocahontas. I saw the Paris Doll Festival photos and I thought of you!!! It would be so amazing to see your dolls there!

  3. Eiko82: I'm sorry for a late reply. Yes,tonight we will see it:-) I hope you will like her, Eiko82;-)

    dollutional: Oh my goodness. I wish I could join the Paris Doll Festival. But I promise I will bring some pictures of Bangkok Doll Festival to share us all here. How sweet you are! :-) Thank you very much!

  4. Love the short dress, definitely perfect choice for her personality. Execution for this doll is the most refined to date! Love everything about her.