More Works

         Last night, I just posted a picture about my latest sclupt of my Victoria on my Facebook, showing my failure ( I mean a result that dissatisfied me for the a big numbers of my rough paint test on my doll face) to my friends there. It's a kind of disappointed to me as I worked really hard on it and hoped for the best that it would be another nice one for my own doll making. However, I didn't know why the blank sclupt looked very nice indeed, but the result of painting was very disappointed to me. My I Phone has more than 200 pictures of if and I kept all the records, and angles to see all the results every time I was free. (I watched them so many times before I went to bed, woke up, and etc.) I tried some experiments with the photo shop to check the facial balance, finding mistakes as a home work and then woke up in another day and rushed to improve it. I must Thank You for many nice friends there to encourage me and that really means a lot for me. Now I'm making on another new head, trying to find and correct the mistake I have done. I hope, really hope that this head will gives me a big smile.
         Now the accessories, and the costume are on the way to finish. But how can I make the whole things now? I wish I could have time, a lot of time more than this. Something needs to stop for a while, and doing something instead. I work like a bee now. I woke up today and then started to make another sclupt. It's been now 14 hours that I work on it. I put the sclupt tools down and them updated a short blog about my latest progress of my works. My friend nice friend who does the magnificent paintings said sometimes she didn't understand of something wrong and not knowing what that something is... Yes, I really didn't know what's wrong with that and why. This is the picture of a blank costume of Victoria that doesn't have any beading works. I should explain the details here but it seems I have a very low motivation to mention about it now. ( I also didn't talk about any of my inspiration until now..I'm sorry about this)

A long way to go,...
         And, this is the crown, my Queen's crown that is almost done. There are a main pieces of this crown, but it's my top secret not to share you here. I believe that the crown will be so magnificent when it's done and I will put it on her red curvy wig.
In the wax process
         I think I should stop this entry now. Yes, it's time to answers the emails. Have a wonderful day everyone.


  1. I'm always happy to see your entries. Your work is amazing.

  2. Can't wait to see the new doll!!!

  3. Dear Eiko82: Thank you very much:-) You're so lovely to give me a big smile^______^
    Dear malkama: {please kindly wait for the update. I will back to update surely:-}