A New Diorama for My Queen

         Making a doll diorama is another thing that makes me have so much fun. I haven’t figured out the name of my Queen yet. But a rough design of her look and her costume colors are good references to help making a good composition for my doll’s diorama.  I love to see my previous works that they gradually show me some development of my photographing techniques and the beauty of each particular theme.  I enjoy searching for the furniture that are useful for my work. (Now my house starts to get smaller as there are getting more props about the dolls around my house, here and there. What a messy!) I don’t know why I cannot use the same furniture twice or more than two times. Or is it my nature that I always keep looking for a new doll furniture (and also Human) all the time?
Does it look like a ship wreck?

           Talking about this one. It’s a big preparation for my Queen (?___?) that she has to live in a very elegant and luxury castle. I have found a small cabinet that made of a real wooden and carved with gold color. It’s really beautiful indeed. I also found a vintage mirror in a square shape that I haven’t decided yet that inside the frame should be some kind of painting or a refection of a real mirror.  I have placed an order of elegant wallpaper in a very tiny scale for my doll. There are 2 main colors for this wallpaper, silver and grey. For the base floor of the diorama is a really huge porcelain polished tile that it’s coated like a real marble. Now I haven’t found a right rug for the floor yet, but I do have a classic vintage chair for my doll.  I just bought it a week ago and I decided to take out the support as its color wasn’t pleased me enough. I’m not so sure that I need to spray it in a golden color (so that it will be matched with the cabinet) and then re make a more beautiful supporter for the Queen.  Now it’s time to search some small props to make it look more real when the doll is in the scene. The scale is very important. There are so many things left to go on with this doll. 
It took 3 weeks to wait for it. So Long!
I hope you will enjoy it.Have a good Nite:-)


  1. *jaw drops*

    Those furniture items are GORGEOUS. They're fit for a queen. I almost wish I was one of your dolls so I could live in such a gorgeous place <3

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