Avaiable Dolls

Here comes The Queen. 

This reminds me of some magazines.

It seems she gets ready?
         It took almost 3 months to finish the doll, The Queen Victoria. 
I feel like I gain more love and passion nearly get obsessed with the dolls I make. My sculpt, painting, dressing, photo taking skills keeps improving and they become more visual from what I have in my mind. There are many visual concepts inside my brain but I cannot extremely express them all out. However, The Queen Victoria doll gives me a big representation from my imagination that comes into more reality for me. I get so happy, very happy whenever I look at her pictures from my phone, laptop, or anywhere else. Thank you God so much, my parents, and many nice friends that keep cheering me up. These are so worth!  

         As we have seen a music video I already made for her, there are some pictures that wouldn’t be chosen for making the video. I think these 2 pictures looked very nice, but too modern according to her look and dress. However, this small imagination that it seemed Victoria was flying in the air, looked so lovely and cute. There are many shots these this, but I keep them specially that one day, many of them will be used in the future.

         And this is another technique that shows a different look of her. It could be so enigma, and a scary side of her? It made me think of a Vampire, something haunting in the castle, or some spiritual things. Sorry if some of us don’t like it. But I think it gives a different vision of the photo taking technique that changes the mood and feeling of the doll! Oh she may need blood? I’d better not to say. But at least this is a new thing for my exploration of a new picture style!

This reminds me some black and white movies.
         As some people may need to know where and how to purchase The Queen Victoria: “Please be announced that the Victoria dolls will be officially available for sale on the 22nd of June, 2012." For more pictures, please visit this following official website. You may click here
The Queen Victoria Doll price is 2,000$. 
Her Elegant Look:-)
I offer 2 lay a ways plan only: 
1st half is 1,000$ and the other 1,000$ for the final.  
The deposit is “non-refundable”  This price excludes the shipping cost.
For more informations, please feel free to write: immortalclassique@gmail.com
Thank you very much. Hugs/Nune


  1. OH, why don't I win in the lottery, I play twice a week and still nothing :( I so wish, I could buy her!!!

  2. A masterpiece :) She looks so pretty :) I'm looking forward to your next doll

  3. She delights me! Entrancing, delightful, magical girl!

  4. love your work she reminds me of my beautiful daughter

  5. Absolutely stunning! I would love to own a beguiling beauty such as Victoria. Please let me know if ever possible to do a commission.