Very Soon Victoria

The nude doll, Victoria.
         It can be a tradition to post a nude doll in the assembling process before taking her photographs in complete costumes. I think it should be a few days that the stainless steel springs will be sent directly to my home. Then, I can assemble the doll, The Queen Victoria so soon enough. I’m so excited to take her photograph! For this time, I will take her photo in my studio because I have prepared a diorama for the Queen specially.

        The diorama for the Queen is just done yesterday. I went to see a cousin who is a carpenter and asked him to borrow some tools and equipments for making the doll scene. I wish this can be a small tutorial for friends who need to make the diorama for the dolls themselves. It's easy and I think everyone can do it. Yeah! I started to calculate the width and height of the wall as the floor (the base polished porcelain tile) is 60x60cm. The wall size is at 60x70cm. Then I used the lumber machine to cut the plywood into 2 pieces. (For the left and right wall). I smoothed at the edges of them with the sand paper to make it look neat.  Once when I got the size that I need, it's time to glue the wall with the wall paper I have bought from the agent. To make the wall paper stick on the plywood neatly, I needed to polish the plywood again with a very rough sanding paper. After sanding it, I applied the glue all over the texture of the plywood. Then I used the roller to spread the glue all over it. Leaving it for a while, I carefully put the wall paper at the bottom of the wood. Slowly put it down in the horizontal line, then used to the sponge and the plastic bag to smooth the surface of the wallpaper. Yes, it's a half way for now. One difficult task was done. So it's time to do the decorate the wall. I bought 4 completed architraves that they have a design I needed. It's 30x11cm. I put them together and 2 of them needed to be cut in 90' by using the try square. (I couldn't do this alone so I asked the factory that it has the special equipment to cut the hard materials like rock, resin, and etc. to cut the architraves for me). I also picked some small golden frame woods(for making the photo frames) that fit the wallpaper, a small one for the above of the architraves and a bigger one for the lower part of the architraves. I put these 3 pieces; the small golden wood, architraves, and the big golden wood, together. Put them to the walls and that’s done! (I decided not to permanently stick them all to the walls because it’s much more easier to move, assemble or separate when it needed to be displayed in another places.) Lastly, I used the latches to hold the left wall and the right wall together. I can open it like a book and the closed it nicely and strongly.
My Making Processes
           I think the best part of doing the doll scene is to find the decoration items like the cabinets, flowerpots, vases, candleholders, or some furniture to make it look more real.(I love to watch many American doll lovers, especially Tonner dolls collectors that they enjoy finding the props and materials for their lovely dolls. That’s really nice to see the lovely things like this.) And here my finished doll scene for my Queen Victoria!  
I need a few props to make it complete
         I hope things will run smoothly. I’m going to share all us here when the photographing of the Queen Victoria is done. Thank you for visiting. Hugs/Nune


  1. Woooooooooooooooooow!! Can't wait to see more photos!

  2. I am impressed! The Queen Victoria looks so cool. U have a real talent, I'm in love with The Queen Victoria's dress, a lot of details!

  3. AMAZING again!!! It's sp bpring, that all I can say is Amazing, but she is!!! Beautiful

  4. My computer completely freaked out :D Now it's ok I hope...

    It was supposed to be: "It's so embarrassing, that all I can say is Amazing, but she is!"

    I'm so waiting for her total look...