"Lord Phaedron Danne"

            Finally, "Lord Phaedron Danne" inspired by Nene Tina Thomas is completely done! I really feel satisfied with the pictures showing here. They make me get so happy as the whole things turned out so beautifully like a dream comes true. 

         I have made many special things like props, especially the golden vintage chair in Gothic style for the Phaedron doll, special designed castle that I spent time for nearly 2 months to finish it by the reference I have sketched, lots and lots of details to add here and there...it seemed like I never stopped finding the perfect materials to make things to be "perfect" enough. Lots of painting by Nene Tina Thomas are very magnificent with the real eyes. I kept telling myself that I should keep the quality by her special paints. That's very difficult, but at least it came into this way.

    Previously, I have faced with many circumstances. The male doll working project had been processed and re modified for months as I kept correcting the beauty and functions of the male doll so often. There were a lot of things that need to be changed and fixed. Luckily that my Master Chewin Malipunte helped me to guide some ideas and he made the costume pattern and male wigs for this male doll theme. Thank you so much to my Master Chewin here.

            One thing I found a big problem is how to take a nice pictures set for this doll theme. As the scene is set in a Dark Castle, that's quite hard to control the light to take some pictures indoor. I felt so tired with thousands pictures I took during the 1-2 days as they whole composition was fine, but the pictures were not sharp enough. I didn't like it when I zoomed in closely to the doll face and the whole details were so blurry. It wastes my time, that's right, but I did really learnt a lot. A friend of mine, Idan Lightman B. A. gave me some suggestions that they finally worked! I also have to Thank You to him here:-) 

      Another hard thing was working/taking pictures with the reflected mirror. The first day didn't work properly as the mirrors from the diorama scene showed some reflection on the white subjects through the lens. I didn't want to waste my time with the photoshop so I just googled how to solve the problem. The resolution was to find the black cloth, I mean all sides of the diorama scene must be covered in black so I bought a long big black cloth and start doing that. I also had to wear black shirt and try to hide my hands not to be reflected by the mirrors. And it worked so well. However, the room seemed more darker and the natural light could not come in very well. Besides, it kept raining for whole days. No doubt that the sun didn't shine as it should be as the dark gray clouds were everywhere...I slowly worked bit by bit...patiently...

          If we look to all the pictures, we will see some different lightnings. I wish I could control the lights (umm like in  a very professional studio's light ) but how could I as there were some limitations for the equipment. However, I'm glad that my visuals and some photo taking skills are ok:-) I wanted to show us how messy my house was. Um I'd rather not to do that as it's ugly. The black clothes were everywhere, a scissor, plastic tapes, pins, camera lens...sometimes I forgot where I put them...tools and tools were everywhere...

      It's been 4 days that I kept taking pictures. I didn't go out, not really had plenty time to take a shower, or do another things. I liked to check the pictures with the big Mac screen. I was curious sometimes that the pictures in the camera looked so neat, but many looked poor in the CPU screen. This set could be the biggest pictures set I have been working with now.

     Once when I could captive the light and composition, it became easier to work with our gorgeous model, Phaedron. It seemed that he looked so relaxed and ready to post more. Unlike me, I really love it as he never complained at all. I like this picture so much as he looked so fine:-)

                                          And...,this could be a Vampire? On no...
       It came to the last picture that I love the most. It looked like an old paint picture. I like the light, his action, and everything about it. I’d also have to Thank You for his patient working with me. That’s all done now. I really had a full sleep when everything had finished. I admitted that my nerve worked all the time during these 4 days for the photographing. How am I now? I should be a happy person like all of us here nowJ Do you agree?
    We may get curious why I painted the doll look a bit sad…I have heard from Nene Tina Thomas about the character that I feel so sorry for his difficult time. Lord Phaedron is a smart young guy who has many challenges in his life, but he will have to stand and fight for it. I want to express a part of his life and I love to see his expressive feelings through his face and his eyes from my painting and sculpting. Finally, he is so handsome for me, that’s all.

      Before I end this thread, for those who love Nene Tina Thomas’s paintings, and the Books written by Steven Plagman, Powerborn (Zarryiostrom), you guys would probably know what this picture means. I’d have to Thank You to Nene Tina Thomas here, and Steven Plagman for having me a beautiful chance to perform The Immortal Classique Male doll: Lord  Phaedron Dann. It’s my honor to work with them. Also I’d like to Thank You to all friends from my Facebook page for always liking, giving comments and opinions for my works. 
Best Regards to you all,Nune.


  1. He looks absolutely amazing. You've truly created a wonderful piece of art, Nune :D

    1. My Dear Eiko82: You're so amazing,too:-) I'm so glad that every time you come here and cheer me up. That's how amazing you are:-) Thank You so much^__^

  2. Nune, your patience has been rewarded with magnificent photos. You have done such an amazing job with this male doll and he looks fabulous. The costume, weapons, set design and especially that brilliant golden chair are just awesome! I'm sure Nene must feel so proud that you have brought one of her characters to life, in such an exceptional way.