More About the Outer Space Girl

         I just got some crystals set for photo shooting several days ago. They look so clear and shiny as the light reflected on them. I carefully checked and investigated each of it and planned to use them wisely for the doll diorama scene.  As this doll theme is something so imaginative, like space and unreachable place outside our planet, so I think these crystals are useful when I set up a hot and humid white desert as a very far far away place without living creatures. I will put them on the white sand and set them with the horizon in the distance. I might need a blue sky with some pictures of the Uranus and the Moon…It could be so fun and fantasy…
                        (Can this be a source of an energy or something?X)
         I really like these crystals…some are huge and beautiful. When they are put together, I can see something beautiful. I think I made the right decision to choose them as a part for the decoration of scene rather than another shooting in a castle corridor again. Yes, I love trying something new!
                           ( I think I may need more...)
          So now lets’ see the update about her costumes. (She doesn’t have a name yet…poor her) The helmet is almost done. What I need are some small decorations on her forehead…and a set of nice earrings. Umm females like earrings, don’t they? So does this girl, too.
       (She could be a White Witch, a predator from somewhere else, or a knight. But for me, she is a lonely Princess from...)
         Lastly, her final costume is almost done. What I need to do is to check the over all composition of her costumes and character. I wish to represent her pure, gentle, beauty, and enigma by her overall look, too. Her costumes consist of 2 main parts, the metallic short dress and inner long chiffon gown with the heavy beading and embroidery works. Umm, maybe I’ll need a long blooded red hair for her! I wish there should be no longer time that this girl will come to let us see her true beauty!
 Thank you very much for visiting/Nune:-)


  1. I can't wait to see her finished! Such a BEAUTY!

  2. Ha! Nune I can comment now ! :) The blogspot is very kind these days ;)

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