A Space Girl: "Andro851"

         In a few hours, a New Year of 2013 will come to us and all people around the world will have a good time to celebrate the New Year festival with family, friends, pets, and dolls! For me, I'm sitting in front of the cpu silently, sending emails to friends and customers. There are lots of things for me to do in the morning all day long. Actually, I am quite busy for the New Year's and I have no much time to hang out like before. However, a good thing is I feel so happy every time I see my finished work, a space girl, that is being inspired by some Si-Fi movies like the 5th Element and so on. I finally got her right name as "Andro851".  The name is from : Andromeda + 851. This is my lucky number as I found my university student code ended up with -851, my cell phone number, my home address, my ID card, and license plate that I can't believe that these number will show some unexpectedly related to my life! Do you think so? Eieie Sorry to waste our time. So, let's look at her now!

         The day that I started taking her pictures, I quite really had no exact plan to make a prop for her. I only had some white crystals , a blue backdrop, and sea sands. I imagined that she would walk alone in the dark place, like a desert that there was no living creatures. I finally found that's boring as the pictures had no story to tell. I started to find more easy-to-find- props like some broken electronic pieces, a glass, a flash light, putting them together and tried to imagine that this could be a kind of capsule of a spaceship for the red girl. She came to our planet for some reasons...that's how the story begins...

         The more I took hundred of pictures, I got more ideas of what to do. I figured out that I have another 3 nude dolls left so why shouldn't I take some of them as a prop,too. It worked so well when I started cruising more props and I found a useless plastic box that it was finally used as another capsule for a disembodied robot. I only applied some pieces and the story seemed to be coneected from one event to another. That's how surprised that I found the girl with red hair opened the capsule, finding a robot that exactly looked like her. When she checked at that robot, she found out that the robot still had memories and it told her pictures in the past...

         From her sad look, blanked eyes, the pictures from her memory trying to convey the meaning that she was an android that being sent to the Earth for some reasons. She dressed up beautifully. But there were some agendas that she couldn't complete. So she was torn apart and kept up in a capsule forever. Her lower part had gone, still she had a few beautiful memories. 

         "Why the sky is blue?"..."Why did these crystals appear here?"...."How much oxygen left in the area?"...there were some questions that being asked but she just failed her mission. Andro851 just realized that she was sent here with the same reason. She always thought that she was a usual human like us, but she finally found the truth...she's not one of us at all. She's just a kind of tool that was sent to the earth...Andro851 started to think that what should she do...? Should she run away..but how???

         Who knows how the story ends? It could be just a beginning for Andro851's story. For me,I have a very big plan for her at the end of next year. Still it's a secret now. I started to get obsessed with photo taking of a story plot. One of my best friend said "I like the storytelling and hints of narrative you get in the video. The music is very menacing and perhaps a bit overpowering, but it does add a sense of urgency and fear to the video." I really like her comment so much as I needed to express the hue environment, unexplained things. I hope the video ( you can click here) wouldn't be too scary!!!
         I wish I could upload more pictures into my official website : immortalclassique.com. But it's getting late tonight. I will do it surely when I wake up. I hope you will enjoy "Andro851''s story. Thank you very much for your time.
Have a good night to all of my friends here. Sincerely yours/Nune

Available LE of 3 "Andro851"
For more info, please contact : Immortalclassique@gmail.com


  1. I am in love with this doll. There are no words to describe how amazing she is :) The owner will be so lucky to have one of them :)

  2. She is amazing. I love her sad story. Hope she will find the answers to her questions someday.

  3. Nune!! This doll is amazing! I love the metal corset and helmet....they turned out even more beautiful than I imagined. The chiffon dress with embroidered detail is exquisite. Congratulations Nune

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