A New Line, "Immortal Affinity"

        It has been almost 2 years  that I released dolls for sale as a "Theme Dolls" with the limited edition number of 3-5 dolls. This is a niche market, but that's good to know when people wrote in and asked how possible to buy dolls, or even a nude doll. According to the policy, nude doll, which is 13.4 inches size, is not available for sale. I planned and made each theme particularly for months such as a very brand new face sclupt as well as painting, special costumes and jewellery design. So, this is why I could not sell them in nude. For some reasons, I started to think about selling a nude doll by customers' demanding. So why shouldn't I try? This is not the 2nd generation of the Immortal Classique doll, but it's a new line in a total different size. Generally, the Immortal Classique female dolls are 13.4 inches tall, but this one is 15.5-16 inches.
To conclude:
a.) The Immortal Classique Line: is porcelain costumed doll with 13.4 inches tall, NOT selling in nude, comes with a complete costume set. Limited Edition of 3-5 dolls, or just an OOAK. 
b.) The Immortal Affinity Line: is porcelain nude/lingerie doll with 15.5-16 inches tall. Non-limited in numbers and orders.
         Sorry that I don't have pictures working processes. Actually, the doll is now on working processes, but I didn't take her much pictures as I just started doing it. I hope the picture design of her new body would help us figure out how she looks like when she's done.

         About the Form and functions. There are 2 main points that I'd like to talk about here. First, I'll need to develop a special double jointed thighs which enables the doll to sit  pose firmly,and looks more naturally. About this double thighs jointed, I firstly saw it from Amal, Heartstrung about 2-3 years ago and I really believed that Amal was the first who invented these thighs joint, newest invention although  she said it's inspired by the Batchix dolls. I wrote and asked her for the allowance to use them and she permitted me to do this into my own style. I should acknowledge her here because of her generosity. Thank you very much to Amal, Heartstrung here. Also,I decided to cut the torso into 3  parts as I need my doll to be able to be physically attractive and more articulated like a professional model.This can be a experimental stage for my doll making creation, everyday that I'm working is a surprise gift from God. I love to find and learn new things. It should be a month or 2 to finish this girl. From her sclupt now, she makes me get so satisfied enough!

         Finally, these are the works that I have sculpted since 2007. Sorry that I didn't put them in a well time order. I particularly love to sclupt doll with opened mouth. Things keep developed so slowly. I hope you will love to see them,..from the past until now...

         Thank you very, everyone. Have a pleasant day! I promise I will update my Immortal Affinity Line prototype so soon. Best and Hugs/Nune :)


  1. 16" dolls is a perfect idea ! 16" is my favorite size of dolls. Wish you luck to end your project. I can't wait to see it at the end :)

  2. That's great news, Nune. I'm sure many of your fans will be pleased to bring home a nude girl.

  3. Dear Ursi: I know I know, this is a size for people who love to dress dolls up. Thank you so much for the blessing. SO sweet to hear such thing from you:-)

    Dear EiKo82: :-) Yes, I hope so. Always feel fresh to have something new to do! Thank You Eiko82!

  4. Nune, ideas are in the air, it's true)) I have in the last month a lot of time thinking about how to ask you, why do not you sell your girls nude. They are so beautiful that I have there are days in which the Queen sitting in a chair completely naked and I never tire of admiring it! This despite the fact that she has a stunning outfit))
    The more you show pictures, the more I fall in love with what you do - not your hands)), you're making your heart)).
    Thanks for opportunity to get your nude girl))
    And for these wonderful pictures.

  5. Dear magicofsyb,.
    There's no secret in the world that I'm thinking to sell nude dolls for my special"previous customers". I decided to do this as to show my deepest gratitude towards them. They are special people who moved my world and make my world run so beautifully. It's a special thing for my tiny friends here. I know they sometimes need a friend for their doll, I understand this well. Yes, the idea of IA line will come so true and there are some good sighs about it :-)
    I'm so glad, very glad to know this from you.This is so special for me;-)

  6. O <Nune - this is the very,very good news! I so long want to have one of your lovely doll - but no had this opportunity. Now I'll wait for the new line. And may be can I also become the owner this the beauty and grace!
    Sincerely Karoline

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