Just A Breath Away...

         Meanwhile Sahara is being assembled patiently bit by bit (to wait the glue will get dried) , I would like to talk about the Indian Head Piece. [As the rain keeps falling down, it really takes time so slowly to wait until the glue is really fixed with the torso and other parts.]
( How long do I have to wait, Nune?)

         It’s really such a hard decision to choose which one is the most suitable crown for Sahara. I spent a few nights to think about this and finally the conclusion came to the biggest one on the left hand. 
          At the beginning, I thought it should be the last one on the right hand side (at the bottom) that has many hearts shape. Yes, I did like the diamond necklace at the forehead because it really was very dominant and out standing for me. I re considered it so several times and it made me thought of something that looked like some kind of many innocent princesses from the Disney’s fairytales so I changed my mind. I like something very romantic but not too dreamy like a cartoon. And the first one on top, yes it seemed very luxurious and extravagant. With this style, this made me see the picture of blue diamonds with tiny sparkling white diamonds around the crown piece. But my costume is red as fire, so I decided to choose the biggest one as it probably could go very well with the red diamonds and the red costume.
         After the decision had made, the Indian Crown Head Pieces were gently made by the hands for months. I saw this development little by little until they were completely finished and I cried out when I put it on the doll’s head…It’s such a happy moment that I worked very hard on many things and it comes out impressively. The crown fits with the wig and it’s very not so hard to put on or remove. It tightly fits very well on the doll’s head with the good balance, not to light or heavy…It makes me smile, a very tearful smile of joy:)
         This little journey about Sahara is going to the end.The dolls are just a breath away. Please kindly wait to see the whole pictures of this beautiful affinity. I have a little hope that you will love her like I do. Thank you for watching. Best and Bless/ Nune.

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