It's Time to Reveal...

      I think that’s the right time to let everyone see Sahara’s costume, a red bright costume that get a big inspiration from the movie, Moulin Rouge. This is a totally hand made costume with some kinds of special techniques with the tiny beads. The details are from thousands of Japanese beads with the turquoise stones in curcular shaped, mixing with some Swarovski crystals and pearls. At the breasts part, it’s decorated with deep blue synthetic diamonds and red five rubies in the horizontal line as a very beautiful Indian Necklace. And both pasts of the shoulders are designed as a chandelier’s braches with many lines of the beads like a peacock's tails. This costume takes more than 200 hours to make and it makes me very happy to see the outcome. However, the full details will be showed in the official website with Sahara wearing in a full set with shoes and her Indian head crown.

 (Look! She's putting on or what?)

      and,...these are the shoes that come along with the costume. The shoes are designed with the straps. The tiny red diamonds are lined up with the straps beautifully to show a very unique look with the costume. I also added the leather inside the shoes that this will protect the doll’s feet and then I used the red velvet to support the appropriate height and beauty….

     From the picture, I added a very light red ribbon (chiffon) to make it look naturally soft and more tight when the doll wears them. However, it’s on my decision that the ribbon should be red or blue…
    In a few days, I will be back to update the Indian Jewelry head crown. Thank you for watching:)

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