Bride of The Dracula's Costume

         It’s been for a big while that I was away from the blog to update the working processes to all of friends here. Last 2 weeks ago, I went back the University to start teaching again, not a full time teacher, but just a part time by the duty. My life has changed a little as I have to walk back and do the teaching again. Luckily, I only teach 2 days a week so that means I have 5 days at least to work with the thing I do really love, which is making doll. I’m so glad that I’m back here again to update you things during the busy weeks. Actually, the dolls are ready for the 3rd production,Bride of the Dracula. (However, there was a really BIG mistake as the firing temperature was in a bad control. Thus, the doll got many tiny spots and pimples on over the body parts. So now I have to remake everything new again for the 2nd time. How sad! I lost 5 dolls for this time) Also, I can’t decide that the bride should be Mina,or Lucy. I love Mina's character as she is sweet and innocent and she’s a fiancée to Jonathan. But Lucy’s got red hair and her character is very intelligent and strong. If you still remember the Bram Stoker’s Dracula by 1992, you would probably remember them. The costume color tone will focus on the white and red. I did a rough sketch design to Cholo to make a headpiece and necklace that fit to the costume. I told him that the costume consists 2 parts, the long white dress with 2 white peacocks on the left and right, and the long red hood with the beads. I’m so happy now that Cholo will send me the headpieces and necklaces so soon!(Thank You to Cholo here).So lets see the over all picture.
                  The red hood is on the making process. (it’s just 60% done.)
         There are 2 peacocks on the white chiffon dress. Both of them were sewed by using the white Chinese thread in a small key chain, and decorated with many small tinsels, laces, beads, synthetic pearls, and 3 kinds of features.The long white dress gives a soft look of a virgin girl who is sent to be the Dracula’s Bride. The peacock is a symbol of immortality because the ancients believed that the peacock had flesh that did not decay after death. Also it could represent a beautiful and a wealthy woman in a high social status, or a noble looking affinity. This is the reason why I chose the white peacocks in the design. 

         As this production really contains of many details on both red hood and white dress. (And also the headpieces and necklaces designed by Cholo from Philippines), it takes a long period to complete the whole things. (Normally, there is just a 1 piece of each costume production. But for this, there are 2) The picture below is the red hood that  is now being decorated with the colorful beads in the  Western style pattern. It’s just the half way. In a week or 2,it will be finished. The time runs so fast, while the work goes very slowly as this needs a lot of intention and concentration to make the great outcomes. The time really has wings, I think. 
         Personally, I love beads. I always wish to have a dress that is filled of the beads from head to toe. But sometimes it’s too much to have them all. And, if  it’s really like that, the work would probably kill me! All works are never done. I hope you will enjoy the story by tonight. Thank you for watching. Once when the headpieces and necklaces have reached to my hands, I will combine them all and show to us all here again. Oh I’m so sleepy now. Have a good day/night my Immortal friends. 
 The white dress with the red hood.
(you can see the doll's body through the white chiffon, her breats and her private part.I will paint something "........." on that. I cannot tell what it is,but it will be very nice and beautiful. Please wait and see)

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  1. Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow, such a gorgeous outfit. I love it.