The Bride will be on The Christmas’s Eve

         Now the dolls are almost done, there are just some little things left to do as the final painting and small details like the fingers and gloss paint. How does she look now? (Some asked why did this doll have a baby crow (fledgling) at her private part? This sigh is associated with the spiritual thing. As she’s The Bride of The Dracula, her soul becomes as a part of mysterious by the death and nighttime. I choose a baby crow to symbolize of darkness and evil as a part of her soul.Its mouth is opened as it needs feeding by something.It could be the blood or what? She’s not yet an evil or a vampire, but she’s a half immortal and human. You can see that her neck has got no fangs mark yet. It’s probably the last of her sunlight to go to the end and she’s waiting by the velvet night to come, yes that’s why I made her this way. 
         To close up,(please do not think this as a funny or rude: ),just regard this as a piece of art paint that I need to give an erotic character on this doll body) the private part is painted 3 times to darken the baby crow with the onyx color and at the central is red. This represents the fresh and the nature that had been conquered by the supernatural thing. It could be hunger, beauty, or savage… one of these three is my own answer. It’s something that hidden inside. Every demon has his/her own mark…

         When the white twin peacocks costume is on, the satin shows the mark, but not very clear. The chiffon gives a sense of tempting and lust. You can see it through the costume of the white twin peacocks. Her hair is white pale (so sorry that I didn’t show it to you all here, but you can see it by the Facebook) It made of a very special mohair. It’s from Delta Dawn Premium Mohair. This mohair is very beautiful, as it looks very real indeed when it’s on the doll. It’s so soft and shiny in real. Many doll makers use this kind of mohair to make doll wigs and baby’s hair rooting. That’s the reason that I choose the best thing for this collection.
         Here are the shoes that made of the brace and coated with chromium in silver that fits with the off-white costume. They are creepers that very durable and they make the doll stand with a nice stability. (However, I’d suggest the doll should stand with its own doll stand to protect any unexpected damages.) They are also decorated with the red Swarovski and a diamond, yet the red strap and some decoration as a red shoes pad/supporter.
         That’s so amazing to see that the dolls costume and the shoes are compatible with the new doll stand. I tried to check today how it works and I got a big surprised. The doll stand is adjustable that you can lift the doll up as she’s flying or floating in the air. Or you can post the doll normally as the feet touch the stand or with the shoes on it. The doll stand has a proper weight that it can control the doll in different posting positions by no need to be worried that the doll will fall over. It’s really strong to control the doll in the fixed positions. That’s how I really love this doll stand.

          By the 24th-25th of December. I will show the whole things that are done by the complete pictures. Please wait just a little more.You will see them all together:-)
Hugs to you all here/Nune


  1. The doll looks amazing. I love her gown and shoes. Even the stand is beautiful.

  2. Thank you to you indeed, Terri.I don't know whatto say, but Thank u:-)