Here Comes the Bride...Evginia

          This is a collaborative work with Cholo and Me.It is finally done. How impressive!
          It's been months that this project moved on so slowly,bit by bit. Some problems occured, but I could pass them by many helps of freinds:-)

         The doll will be officially on sale by 11:3O P.M. by Bangkok Time Zone. The doll is a limited edition of 3 sets only.

         The doll has 2 costumes pieces: The Twin White Peacocks and the Red Gown.

         The Twin Peacocks is the inner long dress that made by the chiffon. It’s decorated with many small white beads, laces, tinsels, pearls, Chinese silk thread, and 3 kinds of the peacock features into 3 layers. At the back of the dress is tightened by the special small chain. 

         The Red Gown is the outer that made by the Thai Silk. At the Chest of the gown is a golden needle that is pinned with the pictures of Griffon, on the left and right. At the back of the gown, it is decorated in a hot tone color. The red, orange, dark purple, black, and golden are the colors of many thousands of beads that decorated with the small pearls, crystals and Swarovski on the doll’s gown.

         Thank you for watching. "Have a wonderful Christmas with your family,the one you love, freinds, pets, and DOLLS."
More infos,please contact immortalclassique@gmail.com
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  1. I admire your talent!luxurious sense of taste, color, materials... You are an artist!

  2. Wow, she looks absolutely stunning! Amazing work.

  3. Magic of Sybarites: thank you very much for your encouraging comment. I will try to make best things:-) Hugs
    Eiko82:Thank you very much to my dear,Eiko82.I'm so happy to hear from you as always.

  4. Hello!
    I would like to know "Is it possible to buy this wonderfull Girl?"