"A Fascinating Trip to Japan"

         I have got a very fascinating trip to Japan during a week ago with my friends. People said during this time of the year it should be the wintertime. But the days that I was there, the trees were so beautiful with the many colors as red, yellow, dark brown, and pink (or I was dreaming?!) as it’s till the Autumn. You may see the pictures I attached here. They are so beautiful, aren’t they? It could be a heaven on this earth that I couldn’t forget how beautiful it is. Nice weather, nice food, nice place, nice traveling places, and people. How impressive!

(I'm a bit shy when I'm here in the blog to say"Hi" to you guys here:-)

         I really admire Japanese people, as they are so kind and willing to help when I asked for any assists. Some people lead me to the train line (the subway train in Japan, especially in Tokyo, is a real complicated for me0__o) and tired to help as much as they could do. I really like it when they smiled and were so polite when I asked them the direction. I was so lucky to meet nice people there. During the last day before I went back to Tokyo, I went to Nagoya Castel. There, I have once tried to put on the Samurai amour and I felt so wow when I saw myself with the helmet, costume, and the Samurai sword. It’s very amazing how the history tells us what’d been going on in the past with many times of fighting and war by the pictures. There are some pictures that describe what happened in the paintings like some warriors were dead and they were headless, some villagers trying to escape with young kids and babies, struggling from the death. It’s such an incredible feeling to see something beautiful and at the same sad. Maybe the traditional music with the pictorial description really made my emotion to feel like this. How did I look? (My friend said I looked like a Japanese. Do you think so?)
  (Nagoya Castel with a very long long history)
(and this is me in a Samurai(so shy:-)
         A week before I went to Japan, I’ve got terrible ill. I went to hospital for days and I really missed my working with the doll. Luckily that I have a friend who gave me an amber (I’m not so sure that it should be called a gemstone) and in the very bright amber there is a tiger inside. It’s not a real tiger but it’s the graphic by the creation of the nature. She said this amber would bring me a good health and protect me. I believe this and I decided to bring it with me to everywhere in Japan, as it’s a lucky amulet for my personals believe. As I was born on Monday, it’s such a good sign that I should carry something with yellow like this among the sightseeing trip. The amber was polished and decorated with the silver at the top so that I can put the strap as the necklace, but I put it in the left pocket at my shirt. I felt so happy there as my health was really fine until today! Thank you very much to Miwa M. who gave me this amulet. I really appreciate this. Arigato to Miwa.
 Can you find a small tiger inside of it?
         Also she made me a Kimono, a very very very special Kimono during the Heian period in the ancient time in Japan. You would probable see this in many Japanese cartoon when the noble woman/princess with extra long hair wearing this kind of kimono. It really reminds me my childhood of the pictures of those cartoons that I remembered as a child. The kimono that Miwa made for me as a gift is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I’m so happy to have a Kimono by the making of a real Japanese people. The day I got the package, I was very tired and I decided not to dress it on my doll as I knew that to wear a proper kimono takes time. In the morning, I woke up and yes the first thing I did was dressing up the doll with the kimono. It took about 2 hrs to finished this and  here’s the picture that I would like to share everyone here.
 "I'm so thankful for this kimono"
         I accept that in my life I can never do anything like this at all. You can learn something from the picture but the soul and spirit of the real skill need a strong background, too. I have seen Miwa’s website for years but I never knew that it would be so real to have her work in my hands. It’s a very traditional kimono that Miwa addresses me how to wear it properly. I truly admire her, as she’s a master of doll Kimono. If you’d like to know what the kimonos she makes look like, you can click here. I must thank you to Miwa here again for once more for a very special gift that I never thought that my dream would be so true.
 Noi (or Alice),she's really cute in this kimono:-)
         Last, I’m a sort of guy who’s so crazy about jackets and boots. But this trip, I got a present for myself, which they are so cute! If you are a cat lover,I’m pretty sure you’ll love these cats (made in Japan closed to the entrance of Asakusa Temple, Tokyo) And yes, I got many INSPIRATIONS from Japan.
 Gifts for myself.How many cats can you find? (Actually there's a real cat named"Sailormoon" I hope you'll like her as I do)
Thank You very much to Japan, Miwa, and Everyone here:-) Arigato'


  1. What a lovely entry. Your trip to Japan sounds wonderful.

  2. Hi to Eiko82. Thank you very much:-) Yes, Japan is very amazing! I wish to be back to Japan again.

  3. Hi Nune,

    I want to wish you and your family a wonderful holiday! Stay creative and positive!

    LOVE Japan, the art, the food, the culture... :)