It's Time Now...

         Adriana, my little mermaid’s name, is now ready to go to the sea. Now I try to make many compositions of how to shoot her photos there. I have a rough idea in my heard of how to present her story by the pictures. One thing that I feel worried about is how to cope with the white costume and the problem, as the doll will be so closed by the beach. I’m so afraid to make it dirty. I will try to get to the white sand beach and carefully working with her.  I prepare a trunk in case I need to be in the water and work on my photographing. It will be lots of fun there.


         Now the costume and the jewelry pieces are completely finished. The 1st thing is about her crown. The crown is decorated with many synthetic tiny diamonds. One asked me that I used the real diamonds for the accessories and costume? Well, at this price, I cannot use the real materials of real diamonds. I wish I would be able to use the whole real things. But it can be happening in the future. Maybe just one set for the real diamonds. I really don’t know. But I have a small hope that the current work will be satisfied enough to us, doll lovers that can purchase her, collect and play with the doll we love. It won’t be too out of reach. Apart from the main head crown, the doll also has 2 small crowns at the sleeves. At the beginning, I aimed to make a tiny coronet that fits the doll white feather wig. But to compare with the real scale, it felt it’s quite too small for the doll’s head. I tried to put in and out of her arms, and I got a brilliant idea! The small crown fits very well on the white sleeves, so I decided to make the other one for the other sleeve. Incredibly, they become so beautiful when they are as a part of the sleeves. Moreover, the doll has got 3 crowns to play and share with another dolls. How nice :-)

         As the mermaid is very young with the charming of youth, I think a short white wig will be looking great with the doll. I consulted to Jarupan Ardisiri, a very skillful Thai artist who is specialized in making the feature wigs.  At the beginning, I needed him to make the swan head. He said it’s very possible to do this for my doll. But one thing that I think about is a story of Mirror Mirror 2012.  Lilly Collins comes with the white costume and she’s got a swan head decoration on her head. It’s better not to do, I think. Some people may ask why mermaid has a swan head? Or why the idea is the same as the movie...? I should forget this and do another thing.  I must thank you to him here for a big help to make a very charming white doll wigs for this collection. Let’s see how it’s like. Cute?

         The decorations in the white costume consist of blue earrings,a choker, a corset, 2 jewelry sleeves, and a crown. I mainly focus on the jewlery,not on the beading works for my little Mermaid. She looks some kind of a princess, and sometimes she reminds me of a character of Shakespeare's novel. How could I work with this white Princess costume with the sea?....I questioned myself.

         There is an idea that suddenly came up to my mind. I 'm going to the sea, so why shouldn't I make some thing for my mermaid? Yes, this is for my idea that it would fulfill an imagination of the mermaid by the Immortal Classique style! Even though, it's not completely finished yet, I will try to finish it by tonight. Actually, the tale is made of silver lace. But how come it looks in golden color in the picture? Maybe I need a very clearer camera for it. It takes 3 month to finish this..slowly bit by bit. Now it's quite ready to Adriana:-)

         I'm so afraid that the sea water will damage the silver lace tinsel. It's quite heavy, but beautiful in real. I hope to capture many nice pictures for this doll.Also, from the cartoon movie I mentioned, the mermaid has got a potion to drink and then transform into human. This is a picture of the potion that I bought a year ago. It seems that the mermaid has got many things to play now.The color of the water,..must be red!

         The doll stand that is decorated with blue diamonds fits very well with the shoes. Now the whole things are quite ready,..but I haven't packed my luggage yet. It's getting late for tonight and I should wake up so early tomorrow morning. Camera lens and battery must be checked. Ok it's time to go now. Thank you very much for your time. I hope and pray for the success. Hugs to you all here/Nune


  1. Oh my goodness, Adriana looks absolutely amazing. I'm in awe at her dress and jewellery. I can't stop looking at her pictures.

    I'm very excited to see photos of her at sea tho I understand that you're worried about damaging her. I wish you and Adriana a safe trip!

    I wish that I had the money to own one of your dolls someday. They're truly piece of art.

  2. Hi to Eiko82.
    I'm sorry that I am very late to reply you. I'm just back to my place and I now start to write the blog. Thank You very much:-) I hope at least we have photos to share and talk. That makes us happy in our own place. Now I reached home safely. There are dolls waiting for you. I'm still here with a lot of unspirations:-)
    Hugs to you always,

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  4. Oh my goodness! She's the most beautiful doll I've ever seen, Positively amazeing! How did you make the tail with all the little siequens?!