Magic of Mermaid...

         Yesterday,I made a rough sketch with some photo shop techniques to see the result when the crown is on the doll head with a long black hair and a white feature wig. The comparison between of these 2 pictures gives me a nice feeling of how cute the doll is when the crown is on. I prefer the white feature wig,which they are on the making process. That would not be so surprised if the little mermaid dreams to have a hair made from white features. In the world of dream, everything is so possible. We used to dream and imagine that we were a bird when we were young and played with friends. That's the same when a fish may dream that it could be flying like a bird! This imagination makes me think that mermaid could become like a swan when she has legs and then dance along...

         This is the head crown that made of wax in the prototype. There's a mistake during it's on the making process,that the size. The 1st one is quite too big for the doll head. So the 2nd one is being made. When I put the whole things, white costume, choker, corset, and shoes, I noticed that the 1st one is NOT that big as I have seen at the first time. So, I use the second one as a decoration part on the doll costume's sleeves; while the first one is the final to use as the mermaid's crown. The blue picture as you have seen previously from the blog has changed. From the silver armors at the upper arms and lower arms are no longer needed. Instead, I use the tiny crown and do some modification to adjust them to fit with the sleeves. They may need beading and crystals to make them fit together.

         About the details of the costume. The costume is mainly made of white chiffon and Chinese silk. At the back is long white gown. The long white gown is decorated with a piece of old lace.I picked the beads and some tiny synthetic pearls for the decoration part. I chose to make the totally white costume because it shows a pure of love. It maybe like a bridal,but the mermaid has a strong love to the charming prince. She tried to save his life because she chose to love him,not for herself. She finally sacrificed her life at the end to save the prince life for the second time...That's why she should be wearing in white...a very pure of love.

         I imagine when the mermaid walks along the sea, the white gown would flow by wind blow. That's possible,but it shouldn't be too heavy with the beads and too many of decoration. This costume set is quite light when it's compared to the previous works you have seen. But there are many accessories like head crown, earnings, choker, corset, arm pieces, and shoes. I use the main color of the gemstone and tiny synthetic diamonds in the shade of white and blue. This is how the shoes look like when they are in the wax process until they are done.

         In the meanwhile that the heads are painted (There are 5-6 fires to finish. You can see them in the Facebook), I prepare to make a mermaid's tale. Just one mermaid tale for the photographing...Where's the best location for the photo shooting? I asked myself...that should be at the Sea!!! 
A nice location for my doll photo shooting, sea waves, Sunset, white sand,..so heavenly dreaming of. I'm so excited!

I remind myself not to forget a bottle of potion that I bought it a year ago before the production is being made :-)
Thank You for visiting/Hugs

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