Sad Deep Drowning,Crying Until Turning into Sea Foams...

         ...The night before she is to die, her sisters visit her. They present a knife they have bought by cutting off their beautiful hair and giving it to the sea witch. Her sisters tell her that if she stabs the prince through the heart, she will turn into a mermaid again and can go back to her old life. She accepts the knife. However, as she goes to stab the prince, she finds that she cannot bring herself to kill him. She goes to the stern of the ship they are on, having decided that the prince's happiness is her happiness, and that as sea foam she can always be around him. As she throws the magic knife into the sea, it shines a blood red, which wakes the prince. He runs onto the deck and sees her, about to jump off of the ship. He calls her name, and runs to her, but she jumps off the ship. As he calls her name a final time, he looks to see that she has left behind her pearl hairpin and a scale from her tail. He grabs them both, and looks confused into the sea. As the sun rises, her body slowly turns to foam and ascends into the sky. The prince remembers now that she was, in fact, the one who saved him...
         It was the time that the US VHS was so popular when I was turning to teen. I saw a Japanese film animation style that my mum brought to me one day. An imaginative cartoon,but ends up with the tragidy of a mermaid who gives a pure love to the prince by asking nothing in return. The film kept preservation of the original ending by the original story. It's Hans Christian Andersen's, The Little Mermaid, released in 1975 by Toei Animation. This film was shown in the Toei Manga Matsuri (Toei Cartoon Festival)in 1975 in Japan. 

         What would you do if you have the most beautiful voice of the sea kingdom to sing,but it's gone because you need to transform into human just to find the true love? This shows a very strong courage,sacrifice,bravery,and passion of the character in the past.But things change a lot nowadays.People may see this a risky,or a silly thing just to bond with the only one. I sometimes heard my friends say" if he doesn't love/like you, find a new one!". This idea is not right or wrong because it's a world's trend today. Everyone has his own way to find the solution. Like Jacob from Twilight, he's a beautiful guy that can have many girls,or settle down with the other girl,but he chooses to get bond with Bella only.He knows that he can't never win her heart as Bella is deeply in love with Edward.She only looks at Jacob as her best friend.People may feel sorry for him,but that's what he has chosen.Many cartoons end with the happy ending,but this one ends with another way. I watched it with my brothers and sister. Almost the end of the story, my tears almost came out, but I tired not o cry because I was so afraid that my brothers and sisters would tease me as a tearful child:-0
     The passion of the story of love teaches us to know that "Love is a beautiful admiration.True love happens unconditionally" To see the little mermaid,please click
So it's the time to start the project now...!

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