Time to Take Her There...

I love this one:-)

        Yes, it’s time to charge the batteries and prepare everything for the photo shooting of my newest jewel “ Pocahontas” tomorrow. The project of a very tan skinned doll has been planned last year during the October 2011. Until now that it took months to accomplish this girl and the result is really amazing. I’m so fascinated by her skin and some charming and innocent look of her. I look through her eyes and I felt as if she has life and has something to share with me. Sadly that she couldn’t talk, but I can read through her soul and the way she looks. This is another good result that makes me get so happy as I always wish to have new things and some big development for my doll making. I always carefully tested her beauty and function that these two things should meet in a flexible way: and now I’m very satisfied with her result and I LOVE her functions that she can pose more than ever. I have more confidence because I came to the line that I have set as a standard goal for my doll making. I think silently that I should sell a “nude doll” in the future, not this year, but it will be next year. I haven’t decided yet about her price and what options that a nude doll should have. It will be wonderful news for my friends here who like my doll making style. 

         Let’s look closer to her face. Some people may get curious why my Native American doll,inspired from Pocahontas, has African American skin color. From the picture, she’s not that “dark” like the African American skin. She’s still has some bright skinned color. I decided to do a body brushing with the heavy black color, as I need the doll to look more in real. The real doll in my hands has a chocolate skin that she looks so beautiful indeed on the costumes she wears and also nude. Her skin is very perfect for me. Before I decided to make this doll, I thought about it so many times of what her face should look like, her eyes color, skin color, and her costumes. I asked my friends who live in the US and all of them really helped me a lot to give some information about making this doll. (Thank you to you all here) I should say here I didn’t make a doll from any illustration from human portraits, or any historical picture references that it must be 100% correct to the history. “His”+ “ Story” maybe not 100% correct to know that what is real or what is NOT real. However, there are some pictures that are shown and proven in the museums and these people do exist as their generation now are still walking on the street, laughing with family or may do the same thing as we are doing now. Therefore; my visual of my art of Pocahontas came from an inspiration that you know here it’s from the Disney. I saw Naomi Campbell as a model during making Pocahontas in to the anime. I love her long black hair and a very incredible figure that finally become into the film.  The New World 2005 by Q'Orianka Kilcher shows us another look of Pocahontas.  I wish to make a doll from my inspiration as well as the vision from what I have seen and yes, this is my own doll that inspired from Pocahnotas style:-) 
"My cute little girl"
         Tomorrow, I’m taking her to the highest-level place of my country, Intanon Mountain.  You can follow the link here to get to know more information about this National Park. This place is very famous for many tourists ‘activities such as sight seeing, climbing, hiking, trekking, birds watching, camping, and so forth. I get to excited to bring my dolls there and start shooting photos. This is a picture that I can search and share us here.

          I should go to bed early today as it takes 2-3 hours to get there.However, I have to do the final check my girls about their faces,wigs, and costumes. I still have time 3-4 hours to think about the picture styles and theme that I should represent us here.I wish for the best luck of her photographing. So see you with a completed pictures set in a few days. Hugs all.


  1. Wow, she looks lovely. I look forward to seeing your photo shoot.

    I'm also happy about the news that you might make nude dolls next year. I'm sure that a lot of fans would love to own one of your beautiful dolls.

  2. Ohhhh! Nune. You have out done yourself. This outfit is really amazing. (As they all have been.)

  3. EiKo82: Yes, I should have some updates for tonight:-)
    I hope that there will be some people would be interested to purchase my nude dolls in the futures. Now I'm making a rough plan about the nude dolls:-)

    dollutional: Thank you very much:-) I'm glad that to hear from you again.

  4. I am glad that you have decided to make a tan skin doll. You have surpassed yourself with another big challenge! She looks hot and could speak!! Congrats!