There She Is...

         I finally did it!! Yeah the Pocahontas photo shooting is already done! I have been dreaming for so long that I would have a tan skinned doll of my own. Finally she came and happened to my life in real. I look at her everyday, spend time to test and play with her. She really means to me now. I'd like to share us here about my experience when I went photo shooting at the Intanon mountain a couple days ago. I loaded the whole things into my car, a camera, lenses kits,dolls,some props and snacks! It took 2-3 hours to drive to go the place. 

         When I reached there, I noticed that there weren't so many tourists like before. On that day, the weather was so cold, and I started to bring things out and head into the woods. ( I arrived there around 11 a.m.) I walked around to investigate the location for taking her pictures. My fingers started to press the button almost in the afternoon. Taking photos in the day time was quite so fun, but there were some bugs that kept irritating me. Some flying around and touching my head, my ears, and some parts that of my uncovered skin. I was so annoyed why there are so many many bugs and insects in the tropical forest here! Some trying to fly to get closed to my eyes and some crawling around on the ground. I was so lucky that I wasn't harmed by any!(but I was bitten by 2-3 forest mosquitoes.A kind of  insect vampire blood sucker).

         To photograph indoor is much more convenient than the outdoor photo shooting. I love to to take the human portraits pictures so much and this can be a gift that I take this skill into my beloved dolls. I like the sunlight from the sun as it's really soft and beautiful when it touched the object that I need in the right direction and position. I quite didn't like the neon or the spotlight as the light as not as fresh as the light from the nature. It's good for taking pictures indoor or in a studio that you can control the lights and spend the time as long as you're patient enough. However, this put door photo taking trip quite was not as I have expected. I learned a lot from Adriana as I went to the sea with her that the strong sunlight by the sea cloud kill and destroy my skin. But the sunlight that shines down from the top of the trees, is quite not enough to press the button.   ( I just thought that it would be 4 hours enough to spend time there, but I though wrong.) That's so terrible when I couldn't control the sunlight as it kept changing by the time and the clouds that sometimes it covered the sun. I brough the lens kit and lense soom in and out, changing these lens all the time. No huger, no tired, until the time passed by that the sun was set!!! My Pocahontas doll just kept looking to the right and she said nothing. She even didn't remind me that I should stop and start to pack her and things to get back home. The forest got more darker, the wind blew more stronger. I forgot the time and I heard some sounds that started making me fear. In the distance, I heard some strange unfamiliar voice of the wild animals and my hair stood up so many times. I was wondering and asked myself what I was doing here. Why I did I have to make it so complicated and difficult. The weather got colder by the magic shadow  of the high trees. The insect voices started to stop and there were a few points that I could see the sunlight. I told myself that I should stop now or I might get in to a kind of trouble. It's not about a spiritual thing, but it can be a danger that caused by some unexpected thing. I'm not superstitious but safety comes first! I carefully packed my dolls into their places and collected the props and things into the bags. I slowly walked out from the area and hardly to looked back. Luckily that I didn't forget anything and had to go back there. The forest in the late evening time is so strong and powerful that I hardly to imagine. This experience really memorable and I got so many nice pictures as I have expected oh yes! 

My Tiny Bird in the Woods

         I got home around 10 p.m. and my plants and shoes were dirty by the mud and some wet from the ground. I spent a day to choose some pictures and started sending to my friends and customers last night. Now I just finished a short clip (1 minute) of my own vision of my Pocahontas. ( I have sent 3-5 pictures of a nude doll, that I wrote and call her "Doli", in the Native American, it means " Blue Bird". I decided to give her a call as " Doli" as a nude doll is unappropriated to call "Pocahontas". But the doll in a very beautiful completed costumes, yes, she's my treasure Pocahontas. Please  understand my point here.)I hope you will like the clip that I just finished making and would like to share to all of my friends here. (The song credit is by Henry Jackman)

"DoLi" or "Blue Bird"

         Now, it's time to pack my dolls for the Doll Festival in Bangkok. I will display them there for a day: 24th/Mar/2012. There will be Sahara, Bai Suzhen, Evgenia, Adriana, and Pocahontas there. If you see me there, please drop by and say "HI". I will be very happy. Ok Have a good day everyone. Thank you for visiting.
Hugs to you all/ Nune


  1. Oooh, are you going to Doll Fête in Bangkok? Lucky you!! I wish I could go to that doll festival. It looks amazing.

  2. OH no....I missed the Bangkok doll show again! Please share the pictures of your booth with us here!
    And, next time, please bring me up to that mountain...I wanted to feel the power of the forest...must be creepy yet a life time experiences ....especially with your gems!