Always Busy But Always Happy:-)

My Sketch of a New Doll
           After releasing some Pocahontas dolls, I had a short break for myself. I didn't go out of the city, but driving around in town and having dinner with a few friends. Waking up early in the morning, I have to work on with many things about the dolls. Until late in the afternoon, I always have a short nap, 1 and a half hour. Then back to work and work normally. It seems that I'm always busy, but it makes me get so happy:-)

         Now I'm moving on a new project. If you have visited to my official website, you'd probably see my doll costume category ( a flash pops up) with a doll in white costume, red wigs, lips, and her face has some freckles. Yes, it's Elizabeth. 

        Now I decided to make a "Period Costume" again. Now it's time to do a new face sculpt by the picture I have sketched. Things have to be well prepared. I'll explain more details about the costume and the some inspirations in the next blog. Thank you for visiting:-)Nune