Sahara in Pink and White, The Final of Re-production

         As I always said to myself, I would not bring back the mold face to re-use again, but it's not for Sahara. Sahara is a very versatile mold face for Noi Black and Noi White as she's got different looks from different make ups. Her sweet pure and young innocent look never cause me the boredom to look at and play with her. So, I decided to bring her back to do a re-production of the white-pink diamonds wedding dress. Then, this project of Sahara's production will be done. Please be announced that there will be just 5 Saharas for this last production , "NO" more in the future.  This is the rough sketch for her jewelery, head piece, earnings and luxurious necklace.

         I've go to say that I'm so busy with the heavy works like Affinity line, which is coming to be done in 2 weeks for the prototype, making Sahara's costumes, mold making and polishing processes for the last Saharas. I planned that Sahara for the final reproduction should be finished within February. But I couldn't do it as I didn't want to be too hurried to ruin my works. So, better slow but beautiful :-O The picture down below is her accessories come into the wax prototype. Luckily, they are almost finished for the jewelery processes. I'm so excited!

         My eyes feel weak at the day time.,but they enthusiastically open at night. Maybe the weather is cooler and it's quiet with not much busy sounds. I work and keep thinking about my future projects silently. For the next blog, I will share the dress for Sahara, outer pink jacket with embroidery works and white gown as well. I wish we can imagine how she will look!
Thank You for visiting:-)/Nune


  1. I'm excited too :) I can tell, she will be amazing as always. I can't stop admire how you doing such fantastic sketches... so many details ! I wish you lot of energy to finish your projects :)

  2. Nune, your dolls are not only won my heart) - they in the soul)))
    I do not get tired to enjoy your imagination and talent!

  3. I am so excited to see this finished. I know you have so many amazing ideas, I hold my breath to see what you will make next my friend.Robin