More Sahara's Closed Up

          Here’s the further update more about Sahara’s jewelry and costume. Recently, I’m so busy with the new line doll, affinity line, that it takes so much time for me to do more things about Sahara. As I have planned, they should be done within the end of February. Now things are postponed like some unexpected causes; for example, the in corrected skin tone. It’s waste my time to redo a total new 5 Saharas in casting,plishing,firing and tec,..again. 

         This the closed up embroidery work on her dress. Actually, the lower part of the long gown is done…Still I found it’s not satisfied me enough. So, I’m now fixing and working on it, trying to make it look match with the upper part. It's not really a difficult task, but it takes so time to make them compatible to each part.

          It's getting closer to the end for Sahara...I hope you will enjoy reading the blog today:) Thank You everyone. Best/Nune


  1. What lovely textured beadwork and embroidery. Your hard work shows. She's beautiful!

  2. She remind me of Nicole Kidman form Moulin Rouge - at the final , she has a similar crown. I know you like this movie :) . As always, very beautiful and hard working project !

  3. Wow, she looks absolutely stunning!!!

  4. Your work is always amazing. So much talent in sculpting, beading, sewing and design. I believe you could do anything you wanted.