Her White Pink Champagne Cotume

        I like to post Sahara with the "White and Pink Champagne Cotume" so much. It looks so elegant on her. Everywhere she moves, it's like a magic. I wish I cloud finish the dolls from the final fire and then start painting today! 

       I know, I know. I keep my friends here waiting for so long. But it's worth to see and play with her/them when everythings are done. Thank you for watching to day! 
Best and Hugs,


  1. Magical dolls! And your hands are magical!

  2. The dress is absolutely fantastic :) but, how wonderful furniture there is. It is your work?

  3. What can I say... as usual STUNNING!!! It's such a pleasure to look at your creations!

  4. Beautiful work as always Nune. The sofa is gorgeous too. Did you make it and if so will you make it available for sale? I'd love one!

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