Farewell to "Sahara" in Limited Edition

         Finally,...she's done. Yes,actually they're done. I feel better today to post and work more on the pictures posting here. There are many pictures that I like so much, but the space limitation here wouldn't allow me to post all. So please visit http://www.immortalclassique.com/ to see more pictures of her.(Please note that the website is flash so it didn't work for Iphone. But general gadgets and cpus are ok.)

         As I said, she should be released for sale during the February,2013. However, there are lots of things as for me to do like some new sculpts for the Affinity Line, male dolls, and so forth. That's why things move so slowly. I'm sorry about this :-(

          Although she reveals herself so slowly, she looks cute, didn't she?

         Please note that this is the last limited edition of Sahara' dolls. I know she's attractive to me and some people. But I need to move on with some new projects. Just hurry!!! She needs a right home who love Sahara'a pretty face. Pleassseeee!

For more information about her:

"This is a porcelain doll with 13.5 inches tall, articulated joints, and a removable wig. This doll production is light skin, blushed with soft pink color. The doll is fired 6 times during the painting processes. So the doll’s color won’t be faded away. It’s China paint that the color is permanent on the doll. You can place and display the doll in the sunlight, as the Sun doesn’t have ant effect on the doll. The joints are protected by the leather that helps to avoid the screech sound and the damage.The wig is removable and it's restorehair.

The 9rd production, Pink Sahara, is inspired from the movie Mouling Rouge, the ending song " Come What may". This is the final Sahara set, with the limited number of 5 dolls only.

The doll comes with: a nude porcelain doll, a red removable wig, a head piece, a pair of earrings, a necklace, a pair of silver metallic shoes, and a doll stand. The doll is carefully packed and shipped through FedEx.

I offer her price at 2500$.(this price excludes shipping) 
If you are interested, please contact: immortalclassique@gmail.com
(*** The dolls will be available for sale on Thursday 24th/May/2013, 11.30pm/Bangkok Time Zone. ***)

         I bid you farewell for a few years, Sahara. Good Luck to us all and those Sahara,too :-)

         I always "Thank You" to every of us. Some comments are unanswered, but they have been read. All Comments, Likes through Facebook, and some letters are supportive!!! These are all a big joy for me. I can't move on if I don't have friends like you all :-) Thank You indeed!!!
Have a Good Day,


  1. I saw in her Satin :) She so adorable ! Good work, You have right , you must move on ! Good luck

  2. She looks absolutely amazing. What a beauty! *love*

  3. Amazing work as always. It was good to bring her back, she gorgeous. Robin- Hannah

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